Kourtney & Kim Take New York Rekap: Is Jonathan Cheban Gay?

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Sunday on Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Kourt went kouponing, Scott bought a piano and Kris was on a quest to uncover Jonathan Cheban's sexual orientation. 

Yes, with a cast as interesting as drywall, they had to bring in this klown.

The story editors and writers are getting creative, though. Give 'em that.

Is Scott serious about his baby grand? Did Kourt save big bucks? What was the final verdict on Jonathan? Does anyone care? Here's our weekly rekap, THG style!

Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban

Scott and friend Chris (not Kris) take a walk and see a fabulous $1.5 million grand piano in a storefront. Wait ... they're serious? Scott has friends still? Plus 10!

Disick goes with the baby grand instead. Recession and all. Plus 12.

As Scott flaunts wealth, Kourtney discovers the couponing craze! See what the writers are doing here, playing up the “opposites attract” angle?! Fail. Minus 35.

Kim and Kris double date with Simon Huck and his boyfriend. Then Huck's business partner and Kim's BFF Jonathan Cheban shows up, alone. Mysterious!! Plus 7.

Kris says it's obvious that Jonathan is a homosexual individual. He then proceeds to ask him about it point blank in a store. Wow, Kris. Awkward much? Minus 20.

Kris says he thought that Jonathan would want to share this with his close friends. Minus 20 more, because Jonathan Cheban and Kris Humphries are not close.

Kim even strips in front of him to "test" Cheban and he doesn't look. We did, though. Nothing we haven't seen before (thanks Ray J), but still, Plus 100.

The piano arrives, and the KKTNY writers come up with a way to make it more interesting: Kourtney challenges Scott to learn a song. If he pulls it off, they get to bone on top of the thing. If he fails, back goes the piano. This show is beyond amazing/terrible. Wash.

Scott likens learning how to play the piano to wanting to kill himself. Fortunately (unfortunately?) he stopped before things reached that point. Plus 11.

Scott succeeds, and gets it in. No word if this is when he got Kourtney Kardashian pregnant a second time, but that'd be an awesome story at least. Plus 24.

Disick and Kourtney

They return the piano anyway, shockingly. Did they have to pay a deposit or special kleaning fee for Scott Disick fornicating on top of it? Unclear, but Plus 8.

Kim kuts to the chase and asks if Jon's gay. Jonathan’s response is that he doesn’t like to be a dater or “tied down” by anyone. So he's ... a guy. Plus 11.

Simon kan't solve the puzzle, even as the "Mayor of Gaydar," so Minus 19.

Kris Humpries confirms that Jonathan is “not not gay.” Minus 48, because Kris looks like he kame up with the funniest f--king line ever with that one.

What is with Kris and tossing people off of balconies? His caveman persona is manifesting itself more and more every week at this rate. Eh, Plus 15.

Jonathan rebuffs Kris' half-assed apology and the two get into an argument. Plus 20, assuming any of this is genuine, for kalling out Kris' ignorance.

The best line? Jonathan asks Kris if he had ever flown in a private jet before meeting Kim. Way to zing an NBA player making $8 million a year! Minus 65.

Finally, later, after eating up an entire episode, Jonathan reveals he is heterosexual. Kris offers a scripted apology. They hug it out. We vomit. Minus 70.

Kourtney is taking her kouponing too far, so the family stages a fake intervention, as if any of Kourt's behavior was remotely believable. Minus 190.



OMG. Seriously. What I can't handle is the attention that Kourtney is desparately seeking with outlandish antics? The health kick? Now couponing? She had the nerve to toss out Scott's mom's sh-t??? I mean Kim is a whiny beast, Kris is a caveman, Scott is a jobless cling-on, but at least he offers some comic relief. I think that Kourtney is such a mean spirited, trouble maker that she played a huge role in the breakdown of the marriage. She started with the baby being right in front of their door, did not offer any constructive advice about Kris(alternatively, she made it worse), is a puppet master for Scott and does what she wants regardless of how it affects others (note first few sentences). Kim is spoiled and narcisistic but has a heart. Kourtney is cold and domineering. I think SHE would not be anything without her cruel way of living.


I am surprised nobody picked up on the fact that Jonathin is in love with Kim. It is so obvious, how come nobody else is saying/thinking that? When she asked him wyat type he was into, he described her exactly, light skinned, big a$$..obvious, no?
Look, as a male, there is no way a guy can be that close to Kim and not want to get a piece of her gorgeousness, it is just not happening. He loves her which is why he is never seen or heard with another woman. He is not gay either, Kris is such a homophobe and such a d*ck.


I don't understand why so many ppl hate this family. Their on a reality show and a lot of ppl watch the show so what. Every family acts different I don't see what their doing wrong. But what puzzles me the most is how the same ppl who hate them so much can tell you so much about the show. #justsayin


I don't understand why ppl are so upset with this family. It's a damn reality show that a lot of ppl like to watch . But what puzzles me is how can one say they hate that show but know so much about it . #justsaying








Not trying to be rude, but I think it's kinda stupid that u guys are talking about they have no personality and saying bad things about them cause even though there on tv u don't know some of the stuff they go through.


First of all, Kris is an insensitive jerk. He enjoys making people uncomfortable, he enjoys embarassing people, when he is supposedly apologizing he says it with a smirk on his face and can't even look the person he apologizing to in the eye. All of his actions just proves to me he was in this for the possible money and attention he might get. Now he just looks like the jerk he is and I've also read he the most hated player in the NBA. Serves him right. As for "The Kardashains" they are all so phoney. No talent anywhere , just rich and getting richer on the gullibility of viewers. Kum grins and giggles through everything, even the times when she says shes hurt or embarasssed. Phoney, Phoney, Phoney. Can't think of any other word.


Scott is a NOBODY that produced a cute *Mason* but he has NO type of personality other than, he knows how to USE people to his advantage, but he has TONS of hipocricy towards Kourtney. He is constantly criticizing her WHATEVER, and then relys on sympathy to keep him in this REALITY show..... NOT NOT NOT! And if that doesn't work, they will throw in the ALCOHOLIC tendencies. This is getting to the point of WHO/WHAT will they FICTICIOUSLY bring in next. All three ladies are always GREAT but it is the mere dull topics that they cover/scripts,that are now simmering down to almost OFF.

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