Klaim: Kim Kardashian Rejekted by Tim Tebow!

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According to a new report, Tim Tebow recently used his stiff arm for something other than a quarterback keeper.

The latest issue of The National Enquirer quotes an insider who claims Kim Kardashian has a "big crush on Tim,” finding him both "handsome" and to be someone that possesses "really strong values."

Kim Kardashian for Haiti
Tim Tebow at the ESPYs

Moreover, the reality star's PR team is aware “Kim needs to rehab her image" and "dating someone like Tim Tebow would certainly do the trick.”

So, when will see these two out on the town? When should we start considering a nickname of Tardashian or Kebow for the couple? A quarter to never, according to another source.

“Although flattered, he’s not interested,” this mole says, citing the fact that Kim has had sex on camera more often than Tim has sex in his life as an example of the twosome's contrasting values.

Tebow, whose Broncos were eliminated by the Patriots in the second round of the NFL playoffs, has also been linked with Lindsey Vonn.


she is no more white than j Lo- even if she lives to be 110 she will always be limited in men. Whites will not allow their people to follow this hand me down. she has made her bed.


white guys aren't into coalburners...vonn is better looking and has more class period.He's into wworking on his career he doesn't have time for any headache a relationship would bring at this point.


Well if life is so bad now Kim , there is always suicide and give us all peace and quiet.


LOL,now kim kartrashian is in the same boat as paris,nothing but a laughing-stock. Money will never buy them class.


Tebow is a homosexual that hasnt come out yet The whole "saving it til marriage" front is wearing thin.


Goooooo tebow!!!! I have the most respect for that guy!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha he knows whats up! Kim cant woo her way through fame this time! Not through tebow anyways.... The nerve of that girl...what a slut! Like she knows what shes trying to do,her careers crumbling and she looks like trash and she cant take it so shell do whatever.. seriously trying yk get tebowed! Hahahaha denied!


Lmao!!!!! Omg Tim Tebo and Kim...hahaha of coarse hes goin to diss her!!!!!!!! Wtf! He an amazing christian/ good person ...why the fuck would he even considet stooping low and dating trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she obviously is a joke and doesnt believe in marriage lol!


roxy_truth889, the reason Tim Tebow is a virgin is because he has something u prolly never even heard of.... values & self respect. Tebow's one of the few Christians who stands by his beliefs and therefore saving himself for marriage. If u watch any sports show u would know that. u prolly could learn a lesson or 2 from "boring" Tebow


Just curious - anyone here familiar with the Book of Hosea in the Old Testament?


She is nothing but a slut! Tebow would never stoop to this Bitch. Does she actually think that Tebow would even consider this Hollowed out Bitch! What a fucking Trainwreck this Whore is! She should be slapped. Fade to Black -Bitch! No White Man will ever touch your stinking Ass!

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