Klaim: Kim Kardashian Rejekted by Tim Tebow!

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According to a new report, Tim Tebow recently used his stiff arm for something other than a quarterback keeper.

The latest issue of The National Enquirer quotes an insider who claims Kim Kardashian has a "big crush on Tim,” finding him both "handsome" and to be someone that possesses "really strong values."

Kim Kardashian for Haiti
Tim Tebow at the ESPYs

Moreover, the reality star's PR team is aware “Kim needs to rehab her image" and "dating someone like Tim Tebow would certainly do the trick.”

So, when will see these two out on the town? When should we start considering a nickname of Tardashian or Kebow for the couple? A quarter to never, according to another source.

“Although flattered, he’s not interested,” this mole says, citing the fact that Kim has had sex on camera more often than Tim has sex in his life as an example of the twosome's contrasting values.

Tebow, whose Broncos were eliminated by the Patriots in the second round of the NFL playoffs, has also been linked with Lindsey Vonn.


This is a Bitch in a Hole with a Shovel in her hand....... Digging----Digging and crying............. I've got to get out of this HOLE!


Are u out of ur mine kim?????? he would never date a tramp like u he has too much CLASS to ever be seen with u in public he is a honest and truly a very respectful man great up bring home schooled and of course u would never stand up to his standers. Even on a bad day u would never be with him. So get it out of ur mind and take a "REALITY" PILL. The only reason why u want to date tim is so u can get a good name for urself. I really don't think w15h would like the idea his foundations are very important to him and his footballl career, he don't need u too ruin is reputation besides who no's what ur carrying u been with every tom dick and harry. Go after tom brady lol


Very Smart Man!


For a guy to have morals and save himself for marrige there is nothing wrong with that it is quite sexy kim is a skanky hoe sleaze bag with no morals or self respect to make a sex tape she might as well be porn star im sure she had more dick in her then a hooker on a friday night kim is not
good for him.


I cannot believe the heresy that this site has put on their facebook post for this article. "the rumored son of God?" What the hell!!! There is only one son of God and his name was Jesus! I cannot believe this site. I normally depend on hollywood gossip for all my celebrity news but no more. This is outrageous and I am extremely pissed off about this. WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP?!!!!!!!!!!!


All hollywood stars do is go around sleepin wit each other a bitch is a bitch no matter how much money u have ..too bad she can't set a good example to her lil sisters smh # sad..


have u every heard of spell check? maybe u should hire someone who's only job is to edit your stories. Then maybe i can read and understand them better thanks!!! :)


LOL...too funny...why don't she send him her porn, tape, and tell him God made me do it..the girl is a freaking basket case..and her ass is a country in itself..


There are a lot of women in the Bible that could compare to KK. For example - Delilah, Bathsheba, Rahab, Gomer (a type), Jezebel, Eve, the Samaritan woman at the well, the woman who Jesus saved from stoning after being accused of adultery, Potiphar's wife who went after Joseph, and more (there is a book and I cannot remember the exact name of it at the moment - something like "All the Bad Girls of the Bible").


@ a pastor..... The book of Hosea is about Hosea was told to marry Gomer, but God told Hosea ahead of time that Gomer would not be faithful. When Gomer left and was unfaithful, Hosea would bring her back. This is a comparison to the Israelites relationship with God. God is always faithful and the Israelites would turn to other Gods/religions.

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