Kim Kardashian: New Hair! New Beginnings! Same Breasts!

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Kim Kardashian is ready for a fresh start.

The reality star made this perfectly evident via a recent Tweet, including the following photo and writing: "I dyed my hair lighter yesterday! I'm loving it! New hair color=new beginnings for me. You like?"

Kim Kardashian with Lighter Hair

Of course, this isn't exactly the picture that's generating Kim-related buzz this week, as she and her sisters unveiled a new, shirtless-based ad for their denim jeans collection. It's really nothing we haven't seen before.

Study the image above now and chime in: Do you like Kim's lighter locks?


@ Donna: ohh my god! hahahaha what a loser


This woman is such a joke. In her pathetic world, changing her hair color constitutes moving on with her life. I thought she was going to give more of herself in light of her "eye-opening" experience in Haiti!! What happened to all that time and good works you were planning, Kimmie?? Did changing your hair color get in the way?? Devoted fans of this limelight whore -- find a better role model -- someone you can actually learn something from other than applying makeup with a trowel.


I sure as hell ain't jealous of her. I was a fan until I saw when Kris proposed to Kim. He asked her to married him like three times and she didn't respond yes until she saw the rock. She is materialistic. Only because we have different opinions on Kim does not define the name calling. Even when you don't want to know anything about her, the chick is on the local news ridiculous. So not all comments made are negative, they just speak truth about how other people view her.


I really don't see much difference in her hair color. I think she's a beautiful girl and most of the negative comments come from jealous morons.


I love it! Kim is a beautiful person inside and out! I'm glad she is finally being her old self again! She is far from being fake ppl...stop hating! Y'all just don't understand how hard it was to be married to a person that u fell out of love with. Why I love most about her is the fact that when she loves, she loves hard! And I wish her all the best in her career, life and I hope she finds her true love soon. Luv ya Kim K!


I think it's funny how all these people have negative shit to say about Kim , Yet they follow her like fans. Everyone makes mistakes , it's called life. Shes not perfect nor is anyone else for that matter, Famous or not. She knows where shes at now and all she wants to do is be happy. Negative remarks about her life isn't going to affect her in the future. She has her family as a support system, personally I think Kim K deserved way better then Kris, if anything he made they're marriage hard to bare. Shes a gorgeous person , humble , and a very sweet young woman. Her heart is what matters to her, love for people, her job, and her family . Shes open with her LIFE PERIOD and that from someone famous I Respect ! YOU LOOK GORGEOUS KIM and I hope all is well(:#Blessings*


There is nothing different with her hair! Why do they give this woman so much importance. Is it because she feels embarrased to be known as a bitch, not siding with her ex-husband, they obviously weren't a good match. Too many differences. She has to bring attention to herself in other ways to have her fans view her in a different light.


@ wateva I agree with you it is so sad and pathelic shes a selffish sorry excuse of a human being


good for her ,she need to move on


Anyone notice that she is looking more and more like Eva Longoria?

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