Kim Kardashian Kampaigns for Lamar Odom, Is a Moron

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The intern who writes Kim Kardashian's blog Kim Kardashian is an idiot.

In a new website post, the reality star asks her drones "dolls" to vote brother-in-law Lamar Odom into the All-Star Game this year. There are just two problems with this request:

  1. Odom is averaging a paltry 6.7 points and five rebounds per game this season, down from career numbers of 14.5 and 8.8, respectively.
  2. Someone might wanna tell Kim that Lamar no longer plays for the Lakers, following an immature trade demand because his feelings were hurt that Los Angeles wanted to upgrade its roster. Notice the photos Kim included with her plea:
Kim for Lamar

To vote Odom on to the All-Star roster would be an insult to professional basketball. It would take away a spot from a player who actually deserves it.

Seriously, Kim, for someone who spends so much time underneath with athletes, we'd think you'd have more respect for the world of sports.

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Kim Kardashian Kampaigns for Lamar Odom, Is a Moron
The vid is HQ which makes me happy
Good luck!


@Linda-I dislike Kim-I Hate you.


@hater. You and that guy Reed need hook up and have yourselves a jolly good hate session then maybe the rest of us can be left alone. Here it is once again. If you hate Kim and her family why, WHY do you read about them. There are millions of other topics that are on the internet thay you could read instead


am also voting for you..but i need your help, have been playing this game for over ten years but no one to assist me...pls help me out.


Why does she always complaining about every little thing!!', I'm soo tired of her being anywhere "Kim did this , Kim did that", seems to me shes acting like a little kid like kids learn something then they get excited then they tell anyone