Kim Kardashian Kalled Out by Kalifornia Tax Proponents

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Kim Kardashian is threatening to take over the 2012 political campaign season.

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    @Team Kim- You need to Kiss my Ass & Call it Sweet! The new has worn off that Bitch! We all know this. Her and Khloe both will be tipping the Scales at over 200 in the next 5 years! She is as Useless as Cat Shit! The only reason people keep watching the Show is because we hope she will fall into a Body of Deep Water because there is no way they can pull all that Ass out before she drowns.

    I bet this is Rob isn't it. TeamKim my ASS! It would take a Team of Doctors to get all the Cottage Cheese out of her ASS! That ass would cause an eclipse.


    Courtneyj6 You need to mind your own business.... Kim's tax issues are HER own business... You think you are an authority. The IRS will do whatever they like to get money out of people.


    Courtney6 - "The point is Kim is not paying the right amount of taxes."

    You need to learn to read and comprehend. The story clearly says, SHE IS, but it's the current tax schedules in California that are skewed allowing her to pay so little to begin with.


    Oprah is not cold in the media grave for more than five minutes and the Kardashian Konsortium is moving in on her turf. Perhaps Kris thinks starting a fledgling magazine is the best tax deduction on Earth to avoid paying more taxes


    Kim is paying her taxes. They are saying in California they want to raise taxes from 3% to 5% for people that are millioniares. Kim just happens to be the poster child for their agenda.


    You all are a bunch of idiots! I had to re-read these comments because they make no damn sense! Obviously you all know nothing about taxes, and the reason why the country is in the financial state it is in.. Instead of being on this website, you should be reading up on the Warren Buffet rule and other strategies to make the tax laws better for our economy.


    obviously you guys dont get it. no one is asking for her to pay more taxes because she is rich. they want her to pay her taxes the way she is suppose to instead of skipping out on paying alot of taxes she is suppose to pay. no one is asking her to pay more than she is suppose to they are just asking her to pay what she is suppose to pay


    I really don't understand why people keep going on and on about taxing the rich more etc.

    Sure I work harder than Kim K does on any given day. But I don't begrudge her her lifestyle, money etc.

    I think she is just another crazy celebrity, but I don't think they should pay more as a percentage vs us regular folks.

    Just so those of you supporting the higher taxes, that is communism, plain and simple.

    Want more money? Create a better mousetrap, learn a more valuable skill, etc.

    Don't whine about the inequities of life.


    The point is Kim is not paying the right amount of taxes. No where near it. She should have to pay her taxes the right way just like anyone else has to. Why should she get special treatment? Just because she is famous? That just isn't right at all!


    Why should the percentage of income be any higher for millionaires? Say everyone paid ten percent in taxes. A person making $40,000 a year would pay $4,000, and a person making $1,000,000 a year would pay $100,000. That's $96,000 more. The wealthy are still paying a lot more in taxes than we are, even if the percentage is close.

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