Kim Kardashian Attorney Threatens Anti-Kim Kardashian Website Owner

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The anti-Kim Kardashian movement is gaining momentum.

Over 500,000 people have signed a petition on, a website that pushes companies to stop doing business with the world's least talented, most wooden reality star.

As a result, the California resident who owns the site (and who wishes to remain anonymous), tells The New York Daily News that Christopher T. Wilson, a Kardashian family lawyer, has actually contacted him with threats to take it down.

Kim Kardashian, Fan

“They try to scare you,” the founder tells the newspaper, saying that the Kardashians claim to be preparing a criminal harassment complaint against him. “They do not want bad publicity.”

Perhaps they should have thought of that before Kim krapped all over the koncept of marriage.

The website's founder says Wilson is especially upset over a section of the site that refers to the family's purported
sweatshop scandal, but the owner finds the threats of legal action against him to be "laughable." He has hired his own attorney. went live on November 2.

It refers to the Kardashians as a "stain on our culture" and "an embarrassment for our country." The petition's goal is to attract as many signatures as possible in order to influence sponsors to cut ties with him.


Thank you @teamme. Exactly. And I love that the attorney contacted him. That means Kim had to give him the ok and the website is bothering her! Hahahaha Kim, thats right, over a half a million people cant stand you sooo much, they actually take time out of their day to boycott your dumb ass. I know you think your gods gift to beauty and sexiness but sweetheart, you are a legen in your own mind. Your inside makes you intolerable. Suck it. Oh wait, you have already. Ha!


I finally get it. They are a sitcom with spin offs and a huge publicity machine. That's all. They're just missing laugh tracks. As for the anti-Kardashian site, I can't see they would win a lawsuit, but they certainly have the money to push the owner of the site to the wall in legal fees.

Team me

NO ONE IS JEALOUS OF THIS WOMAN. NOT LIKING HER HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH JEALOUSY. You're so fucking stupid. If jealousy was the problem, don't you think we'd hate every other pretty, rich woman in Hollywood? Jesus fucking Christ.
This woman has let fame go WAY to her head. I mean, look at her. She used to be gorgeous. Now she looks like she eats botox.
I don't like her because she is ridiculously over-exposed, she is talentless and everywhere, and while there are men and women dying for our country and struggling to support their families, THIS BITCH is rich as a mother fucker, and for what? WHY?!? It's god damn stupid. She's so fucking hollow and fake. You can hear it in her fake ass whine of a voice.
I can't wait til everyone sees her for the fake ass, money hungry, fame whore she is. I can't wait til her and her whole family are just a bad memory.


i don't understand why kris, the ex-hubby, gets bashed. he didn't do anything wrong except get caught up in the family drama. maybe willingly, but i believe he really didn't know what he was getting into. especially getting kicked to the kurb (sorry...)! i just feel that family is trying to play the public stoopid, and that's why they won't get the popularity they're chasing anymore. kim, you got fans, move on. don't worry about the people that aren't fans.


If millions of people didn't watch the Kardashians, they wouldn't be everywhere. They ARE entertainers and they DO have millions of fans. Why on earth would be people get so worked up over it? CHANGE THE CHANNEL. So what if they got famous via a porn; it's an entertaining porn and it's fun to watch them. Sisters, crazy controlling mom, laid-back ex-athlete step-dad, nutty step-brother, brother hating on baby-daddy, Odom, Hump or not, etc. It's a peek into a sitcom-ish family with a Hollywood style. CHANGE THE CHANNEL. There are HUNDREDS of other shows to watch. Put your jealousy away :)


OMG people leave her alone who cares if she didn't stay married to that douche Kris Humphrey...I guess JLO and Elizabeth Taylor should and should have had a boycott website


This is so freaking stupid. Seriously, if people didn't want to watch Kim Kardashian on TV then they wouldn't. Nobody's forcing them. So if KUWTK has good ratings that means they WANT to watch the show and no boycotting site or whatever shit is that has the right to do something like that.


Why is Kim the first one to get bashed this hard? There are plenty of males and females before her that are just as bad or worse. Charlie Sheen is about to start a pilot "Anger Management" and he is a nut job. This list would go on forever. Kim's wasting her time, if you want to be a star take the bad bad bad with the good.


Kim is known for giving ray j a good sucking with her mouth she can handle all head jobs


hiiii kimmy iknow you dont like your fans i can see in serval of your photos but can you please contact me.

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