Kim Kardashian Attorney Threatens Anti-Kim Kardashian Website Owner

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The anti-Kim Kardashian movement is gaining momentum.

Over 500,000 people have signed a petition on, a website that pushes companies to stop doing business with the world's least talented, most wooden reality star.

As a result, the California resident who owns the site (and who wishes to remain anonymous), tells The New York Daily News that Christopher T. Wilson, a Kardashian family lawyer, has actually contacted him with threats to take it down.

Kim Kardashian, Fan

“They try to scare you,” the founder tells the newspaper, saying that the Kardashians claim to be preparing a criminal harassment complaint against him. “They do not want bad publicity.”

Perhaps they should have thought of that before Kim krapped all over the koncept of marriage.

The website's founder says Wilson is especially upset over a section of the site that refers to the family's purported
sweatshop scandal, but the owner finds the threats of legal action against him to be "laughable." He has hired his own attorney. went live on November 2.

It refers to the Kardashians as a "stain on our culture" and "an embarrassment for our country." The petition's goal is to attract as many signatures as possible in order to influence sponsors to cut ties with him.


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What really amazes me is how much all of you kim haters think you know about her and her family. Have any of you watched any of their shows? For such haters you all seem to think kim is a bad person, I believe you are jealous because she has fame and fortune which none of you have. Kim does a lot for different charities. My question is how much charity work or how much do you donate? If you dont like her then just dont read the articles or watch the shows. I know that unless you are willing to be judged for all your mistakes you should leave others alone.


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Ewwwww,she probably has an STD or 2 from all these fugly black guys she dates.This gal is a straight up walking Jerry Springer episode:(


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(Continued...) Don't sit here and say, "Kim shouldn't be famous. She has no talent and no personality and we should boycott all her projects to send the message to her camp, loud and clear, that we don't want to hear from her or about her ever again," when you have hundreds of posts and pictures about Kim. If you don't think she should be famous, STOP treating her like a celebrity.


Look, I dislike Kim just as much as probably most of the people who read THG, but to say that she crapped all over the concept of marriage and that's why people dislike her is a little silly. That's like saying if we let gay and lesbian people get married, they may get divorced sometime in the future and cheapen the concept of marriage for straight people. Ridiculous. Like I said, we're on the same page here: Kim sucks. But there comes a point where you have to just drop it. She's famous because obviously people want to see her and hear from her and watch her shows. As soon as people stop watching the show because they dislike her personality, they'll take the show off the air (a la Jon & Kate + 8). (Continued....)


They don't need an anti-Kim Kardashian website to make people dislike her people are using their own judgement about her; she has no talent and she is so self-absorbed that she is not beautiful; people are seeing her for what she really is a "flabby butt" opportunist. She is definately not a role model for young girls. She marries this unsuspecting nerdy type guy and leaves him with her family while she galavants all over the world to sell her cheap clothing. Kris tries to wait for her and deal with her crazy sisters and they all make a mockery of him and the supposed marriage that he has with their sister. She flaunts the ring wherever she goes; but not the man.

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