Kim Kardashian Attorney Threatens Anti-Kim Kardashian Website Owner

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The anti-Kim Kardashian movement is gaining momentum.

Over 500,000 people have signed a petition on, a website that pushes companies to stop doing business with the world's least talented, most wooden reality star.

As a result, the California resident who owns the site (and who wishes to remain anonymous), tells The New York Daily News that Christopher T. Wilson, a Kardashian family lawyer, has actually contacted him with threats to take it down.

Kim Kardashian, Fan

“They try to scare you,” the founder tells the newspaper, saying that the Kardashians claim to be preparing a criminal harassment complaint against him. “They do not want bad publicity.”

Perhaps they should have thought of that before Kim krapped all over the koncept of marriage.

The website's founder says Wilson is especially upset over a section of the site that refers to the family's purported
sweatshop scandal, but the owner finds the threats of legal action against him to be "laughable." He has hired his own attorney. went live on November 2.

It refers to the Kardashians as a "stain on our culture" and "an embarrassment for our country." The petition's goal is to attract as many signatures as possible in order to influence sponsors to cut ties with him.


the comments are kinda entertaining and sad.Hmm,looks as if alot of wm are angry at ww these days.To ww:one thing that puzzles me,yall have what many consider to be the cream of the crop for men (wm)--so why do yall wanna take our bm? Please advise. Ciao


@Linda-This is also the Last I will say on this. The way people put a Protective Blanket around Celebrites is a Mystery to me. These Celeb's don't even know that your Alive in this World yet people will defend them endlessly! We are also living in a World where we have spent the past 50 years defending people's rights! Minorites-Women & Gays. Great- We all should have equal rights! Yet we have done this with the Strong Arm of the Law! AKA Political Correctness! So- What do you have now! You have a World in which there is NO Dialog for the Fear of offending someone! God forbid that happen! Open Minded is the same thing as Live & Let Live and look at what it has left us with! Chaos! Then again- Some people call this PROGRESS!


@Linda- I just want you to know that you have shown me the light. Until I talked to you yesterday I was seeing a Team
Of Psychitrist! Then came you. If there is anything I can do- Please don't hesitate! Seriously... It's the least I can do!


COALBURNER...WHITE TRASH.Alot of white women these days will screw anything w/a pulse.Freaking disgusting pigs...lower than vomit white women.No wonder most of your guys are banging every asian in sight nowadays,go figure.


@Reed this is the last I will have to say on this, you clearly have a lot of issues. I have to say that we have very different ideas as to most likely everthing, so God Bless and just try to keep a more open mind if you can.


@Linda! Well...... as long as your Happy.... That's what matters most!


Reed it must be a very interesting world that you live in, to believe that sitting at a keyboard doing nothing but putting others down because you think they are no good is charity or volunteer work. I think you would be more use to a lot of people if you would spend some of the time you use sharing your stupid nonsence and take some anger managment classes or better yet just be more open minded. If you dont care for somebody in the celeb world, then like I said yesterday dont watch the show or read about them. Do something better with your time.


@joop-Your right! It was uncalled for-Disrespectful and It was hurting People as to MY singling out Females in this Manner! There are plentiful of useless Males to go around! Like you said-Charlie Sheen! Man Whore! This Guy would Fuck the Sunrise of it would sit still long enough! Ashton Kutcher! Useless as Catshit! Let's not forget Obama! Yes- The ignorant White People who voted for Change! Yep- I'm guessing Pennies, Nickles and Dimes were the Only CHANGE they got! Kanye West- Somebody please tell me WTF is he good for other than Robbing a Fucking 7 Eleven or Jerking a Microphone out of Taylor Swifts hand! I did like that "Throwdown apology" though! Then there's Chaz Bono! He ... She... Wait a minute joop... I'll have to think about this one!


the people again Kim are just Women haters. just bcos she is a Woman. is she worse than Charlie Sheen? Women Haters....... shame on you and shame on the owner of the stupid webside


@reed, lol lol lol u r too funny!!!!

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