Kim Kardashian Actually Does Some Good

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Reluktantly, we must give kredit where kredit is due:


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    I wonder how many copies of Kim Kardashian Sex Tape were spread?!
    Watch it here: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape (full version)

    Kim Kardashian Actually Does Some Good
    Ain't it the hottest thing?
    Have fun


    Let's give her a chance. Maybe she's changed. Love you, Kimberly Noel Kardashian. I still support you no matter what.


    Oh Please. Anything related to charity that this girl and her Mother do at this point, and in the past few months is DAMAGE CONTROL. No Talent bunch of money hungry famewh**es.


    Back with one more comment. From an interview with Piers Morgan, Kim said she funded a church set up in Calabasas by her mother Kris Jenner. When asked if she knew how much she was worth, Kim replied: 'Whatever it is, I give 10 per cent away to the church and that's what I was taught. Every year. Absolutely". Makes you wonder if this is another business deal in some way. I haven't watched all their shows but I have never heard that they made attending church every Sunday a priority. If I'm wrong in thinking this way I apologize because if this was really done because of their faith then I appauld them. They have made it so hard to believe it was a selfless act and not another business deal. Maybe someone can check into the Life Change Community Church. If it's the real deal then let them shout this out for everyone to hear. This church should be able to do a lot of good for a lot of people if it's getting 10% of Kim and her mom's earnings. That's millions a year!


    Its funny how she only started donated to any charity after everyone started hating her! Lol!!!!! If you look back shes really necer did anything before! Shell do anyhing for fame!smh....


    Oh, let's not forget Kim spent $100,000 on 5 desiger handbags. I can see her now. Desiger bags that will be mine, mine, mine!!!?? or donate to a charity??? That's an easy one. Wrap them up in the label boxes and bags with all the pretty tissue paper and carry them to my car for me. I don't know what they wrap them up in, I'm just guessing since I've neve bought or would ever spend that kind of money on handbags. I also wouldn't be suprised if she deducts them as a business expense on her taxes.


    She did not donate her own money. She showed up at someone elses planed charity event. Who knows if she was paid to be there or not. Please do not let her PR people make it look as if she donated her own money.


    Really kim, really? I don't believe that it came from her own damn money. I still don't see her as a happing type sorry. And no im not a freaking hater of kim.


    meh.. like other people pointed out she helped RAISE she didn't donate out of her own pocket... to prove that her marriage wasn't supposedly a sham, she should've donated that 17 million she made to various charities!


    You people with negative comments are such haters, I bet none of you have ever made even the slightest effort to raise or donate any money to any charity.. so shut your holes already

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