Kelly Rowland Brags About Relationships With Beyonce, Blue Ivy Carter

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Kelly Rowland has been spending time with her BFF Beyonce and the most awesomest baby in the world (Blue Ivy Carter) and is making sure we know about it.

In a recent interview, Bey's former Destiny's Child collaborator gushed about just how beautiful Beyonce and Jay-Z's newborn is, as well as how perfect they are.

Gushed may be an understatement, actually.

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"She is just…. more precious than a diamond. She is so stunning. So beautiful. I'm so happy for my sister and her husband. She's beautiful," said Kel of Blue.

They're not actually sisters, but we get the point. Kelly was asked if she's been visiting the baby often. She saod: "Absolutely! You have to be a good aunt!"

Again, not technically Blue's aunt. But point taken.

Kelly went on to say that basically, Jay and Bey are the best parents of ALL TIME (where's Kanye when you need him) and that Blue Ivy is the Messiah.

"She's in mommy-vile and her husband is in daddy-vile, and the baby is SO beautiful! Beyonce is an incredible mother. I'm so proud of her, so proud."

We have no doubt she's sincere, but one gets the sense she's trying to prove something as well. We get it, Kel. Bey rules. And you're friends. But ease up.


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It's almost as if the baby is NOT so beautiful. She's gone waaaay overboard with it I think maybe it says something!


I never seen so much hate in my life. The child will grow up to be an idiot? What gives you the idea? Her parents are two of the most influential, successful, and wealthiest entertainers in THE WORLD. I'm sure Blue Ivy will be educated in the finest schools/academies. And so what if she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth? Was she to be raised poor when her parents are nowhere near that? Stop being so hateful.


who really cares about this child?? its gonna grow up with a silver spoon in its mouth and wont know the slightest idea of having to work for something. Just another stupid kid. and jennifer LEARN HOW TO FUCKING SPELL. good god your grammar is fucking atrocious.


Yes-and between the Lines of the Ass Kissing Festival what she is really saying........ I hopes "Bey" will do one more Tour cause that's the only way I can produce an income.


Kelly is bey's sis cs they r cousins. Stop talkn trash. U askd her a que n she ans. Wer u probin her whn u askd hw frequently she visits?


I don't understand the over excitement, Ivy is a new born all new borns look almost the same. Why is she brown nosing?


Whoooopty doo nobody cares. Kid will grow up an idiot..


the point u ar trying to make is totally irrelevant.they do not have to be directly related by blood inorder for kelly to call bey her sis.afterwards arn't they cousins? dats a very cheap comment u made


In fairness - she did grow up with her and was raised by Beyonce's parents. I am not that close to my bff, and I still refer to her as my sister.