Katy Perry Named Most Cheat-Worthy Celebrity By Infidelity Website

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Katy Perry has been named the celebrity with whom most married men would love to have an affair, according to infidelity matchmaker Ashley Madison.

It's unclear what role her recent split from Russell Brand played in the poll of over 25,000 subscribers, but Katy topped the list, edging out Rihanna.

Kim Kardashian fell from #2 a year ago to #9, with 2011 winner Jennifer Aniston at #5. Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez fell off the list.

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Other high ranking temptresses included Mila Kunis, Blake Lively, Modern Family's Sofia Vergara and Scarlett Johansson. Something for everyone there.

According to Ashley Madison's founder, Noel Biderman: "Our annual Celebrity Hall Pass survey reflects the revolving door of celebrity infidelity." Too true.

"Celebrity cheating has encouraged these conversations to take place and these days partners actually do give their spouse permission to have a Hall Pass.”

Not sure about that on a grand scale, Noel, but here's the survey's Top 10:

  1. Katy Perry
  2. Rihanna
  3. Mila Kunis
  4. Salma Hayek
  5. Jennifer Aniston
  6. Scarlett Johansson
  7. Sofia Vergara
  8. Blake Lively
  9. Kim Kardashian
  10. Sarah Palin

Hang on a second ... Sarah Palin!?!? Really people?




Hi my name is quadasha wright a ceo of my own dminiana comida cooking wit dashavus stew who iz dating game Anyhow i would like to say that i feel katy perry and to other actresses are here i have no clue?? about the thought of people sayin things about wifes wifey or what so ever anyhow az to perry i feel az though its her business shes talented uhh well i cant say cause im nt an actress or singer but az of bein a home person housewifey uhhh ive always cooked n was into bein a homehousewifey since 86!!!:)


Non of these women are worth cheating on ur wife


None of those guys would ever have a chance..but they can dream and umm i think they voted for Sarah Palin cause they see her as a MILF...guys these days. They should do a male celeb cheat worthy survey.


How much did the habitual lying, lard filled asshole pay to be on that list?


I wholeheartedly agree with Katy Perry being first on the list. I have to think that Palin is on there because a lot of men enjoy a grudge fuck every now and then.


Myle000 can u advertise sumwhere else??? Ur really annoying noone cares wat website ur trying to hock.... If it was so great they wudnt need u to troll on sites all day trying to get word out. Ur a scam and so is ur website!


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