Katy Perry: Distraught, Partying Hard in Wake of Split From Russell Brand

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Katy Perry has been following a "(Last Friday Night) T.G.I.F." strategy in coping with her divorce from Russell Brand, but also is very distraught, according to reports.

The two are very likely related.

While in Kauai over the holidays to kick back and let the storm blow over back home, our beloved, newly-single "California Gurl" apparently spent little time relaxing.

"Katy partied the entire time she was in Kauai," dished an eyewitness.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand Pic

Let's be clear: We are not judging or criticizing Katy for going out in the wake of the split as she figures out the next stage in her life. That's just what's happening.

In fact, the witness claims Perry seemed "very distraught over the breakup."

That makes two of them. Russell Brand sources that even though he's been doing his share of flirting these days as well, he, too, "is very sad."

A reconciliation is not on the table, though, according to insiders.

This seems like a case of two people who really wanted to make it work, and are sad it didn't, but Katy Perry and Russell Brand are just too different.

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I didn't call him a golddigger but commented twice she's worth 55 million and he 10 million. They have 2 homes, 3.7 million and 2.9 million. No prenup. A bad break up leads to drinking, drugs and sleeping with anything that breaths. I wasn't a fan of Russell, but changed my mind. He seems rather cheeky. She plays the victim well...wtf, we're just so different. Puh-lezz girl!


what did katy see in russell brand? he must have a huge member cause he does nothing else for me...


How come no one is calling russel Brand a gold digger he stands to gain 35 million from the divorce and he didnt go through no where near as much as Venessa Byant did.


Thank God its Friday


What does t.g.i.f stand for?


Party Hard after a Split up? I'm certain of it now- She is all torn up inside! At this point there is only 3 moves she can make. A. Ellen/Rosie/ Lady GaGa- Team
B. A 3rd Grade Educated Rapper Holding His Dick!
C. Both A&C

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