Kathy Hilton on Kim Richards: Doing Well!

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Kim Richards is out of rehab and, according to her sister, is on the proper path to recovery.

At a post-Golden Globe Awards party on Sunday night, Kathy Hilton told Us Weekly that Richards is doing "fabulous" and "on her way" to kicking that pesky substance abuse problem.

Kathy Hilton and Kim Richards

"She is having a good time," Hilton said of her sibling, whose problems have been well documented on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Richards entered a treatment facility in December following a series of embarrassing incidents, including getting caught on camera at an airport slurring her words. Her friends staged an intervention for the reality star a month prior to her rehab stint beginning.

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Oooh, substance-abuse problem? Big shocker there!Coke problem, no doubt. It was totally obvious, all that mindless chattering about nothing was a dead giveaway, as was the chronic, uncalled-for meanness toward Brandi and the endless excuses for endlesstrips to the bathroom and not-so-subtle swipes at her own nose to catch any drips. I've seen it a milllion times in my home city, which is loaded with cokeheads. Kim Richards,I greatly doubt thatyou fooled anybody. You surely didn't fool Brandi, did you? Maybe that's why she disliked Brandi so much over nothing. So how to explain sister Kyle's bitchiness toward Brandi? Another 'head?I hope not. I thought Kyle was OK until she ganged up on Brandi with her drug-addled sister Kim. They acted like two nastyhigh school girls. It disgusted me.