Karrueche Tran: Still Dating Chris Brown, Supposedly Aware of Rihanna Hookups

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Earlier today, we reported that Rihanna and Chris Brown are hooking up ... according to one tabloid. Well, there's a new twist, and its name is Karrueche Tran.

Us Weekly claims Brown, 22, and Rihanna, 23, have been hooking up in secret for nearly a year, despite his present relationship with model Tran, also 23.

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran were spotted together as recently as January 12, when he escorted his love to a hair appointment in Pasadena, Calif.

If Rihanna's driving a wedge between them, they're not showing it. Publicly.

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Ohhhhh YEAH

Still, Tran is fully aware of his cheating, Us swears, and suspects she knows the locale: "Karrueche thinks Chris' studio is where most of the hookups take place."

She's determined to hang onto Brown despite the presence of the "We Found Love" singer. According to a source, Tran "won't give him up for a few discretions."

Warns the first insider: "Chris is a really passionate guy. He's still a hothead and he does what he wants. He'll go off the grid and she'll wonder what's going on."

"But, at the moment Chris and Karrueche are still a couple."

For the record, Brown's rep denies any
rekindled romance with Rihanna. "He and Rihanna are just friends," the rep said. "He's not cheating." So, there's that.

In any case, Karrueche, or Kae as she's often called, is a model, "but she also wants to get into the fashion world more," an alleged insider explains.

"She definitely chased Chris, and it worked! He was really into her in the beginning and still is. He tells her she's so very beautiful all the time."

He's not wrong. Or stable or faithful, depending on what you read.

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someone is making up this story it could be about emself


2 words: Aspiring Model. Of course, Kae is gonna "hang on to Chris" for the fame. Plain and simple. DUH!


I am seriously disappointed. I don't even read tabloids and this somehow drew my attention. I mean I get the fact that it is their business, and frankly this doesn't effect my daily life at all, but it's just sad to see someone whom you admired for leaving the man that BEAT her, go back to him again. I don't care how passionate and caring he may have seemed, it all ended when he put his hands on you. And this by no means is going to stop me from supporting her, but as someone that was a role model, she has lost my respect.
Rihanna if you ever read this. You know what's right for you. You have my support.


-_- uhhhmmm Rihanna, just bcos u can't get urselfa man due to the fact that men are intimidated by you, doesn't mean you should go off trying to ruin ur ex's current relationship, dats selfishness. I mean ur chef is pretty hot, so why don't u date him and leave kaebreezy alone??? Same to these desperate chrianna FANS: LEAVE THEM ALONE. Anyways i can't wait to see what will happen at the grammys;The press is gon be crazzyyy I hope kae comes wit chris to da grammys.


Dirt Bag


Always in other peoples business ! Mind your own


Brown is a monster!!!!


Oooohhh, but, they're still a couple?? Leave them alone, you b*tch Riri, they are happy ok, get a life, lol


If karrueche is hanging on to Chris than she is crazy why in the world would she stay with someone who cheats on her with someone else if it is true also if it is karrueche should leave and Chris should be with Rihanna since their in love.


People do need to mind their business!!

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