Karrueche Tran: Still Dating Chris Brown, Supposedly Aware of Rihanna Hookups

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Earlier today, we reported that Rihanna and Chris Brown are hooking up ... according to one tabloid. Well, there's a new twist, and its name is Karrueche Tran.

Us Weekly claims Brown, 22, and Rihanna, 23, have been hooking up in secret for nearly a year, despite his present relationship with model Tran, also 23.

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran were spotted together as recently as January 12, when he escorted his love to a hair appointment in Pasadena, Calif.

If Rihanna's driving a wedge between them, they're not showing it. Publicly.

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Ohhhhh YEAH

Still, Tran is fully aware of his cheating, Us swears, and suspects she knows the locale: "Karrueche thinks Chris' studio is where most of the hookups take place."

She's determined to hang onto Brown despite the presence of the "We Found Love" singer. According to a source, Tran "won't give him up for a few discretions."

Warns the first insider: "Chris is a really passionate guy. He's still a hothead and he does what he wants. He'll go off the grid and she'll wonder what's going on."

"But, at the moment Chris and Karrueche are still a couple."

For the record, Brown's rep denies any
rekindled romance with Rihanna. "He and Rihanna are just friends," the rep said. "He's not cheating." So, there's that.

In any case, Karrueche, or Kae as she's often called, is a model, "but she also wants to get into the fashion world more," an alleged insider explains.

"She definitely chased Chris, and it worked! He was really into her in the beginning and still is. He tells her she's so very beautiful all the time."

He's not wrong. Or stable or faithful, depending on what you read.

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"Grammar is your friend an POWERFUL HEART", fuckin L.M.F.A.O!!!! "Powerful" ;u need to stop lol...that was my laugh for the day when u came back at "grammar" like that...Lo;fuckin...L


C'mon Mr/Ms blogger?! Ur clearly on riri side. But guess what! If chris loves tran too much that he has her tatoo on his biceps. I really think that chris started talkin to rihanna so that he can promote his upcomin 'fortune' album. FOLKS, CAN'T SEE THAT!! Now Riri's fans will also support him. And why should his gf worry yet chris loves him too much. That's why he sang 'yellow model chic.....' GET FAMILIAR!


It's another Kim Kardashian in the making!! Quit b4 u become more of a Leach in the eyes of society Tran!! Real talk!!


Hey @ grammar is your friend,
If u really wanna be technical n try to correct others comments then maybe u should kno that when you're quoting others, their statement should be in parenthesis because you're rewriting someone else's words. You know, if you REALLY care n wanna be absolutely correct n all.


Rihanna n chris brown should date again,chris he is a nice guy he deceive a second chance l love dis couple guys jst burn it guys can't wait to see u again


Chris should think about who he is hurting(his girl).I lo ve to see him and Rihanna get back together but hurting the one that is there for you now?I think you should think again cos it wouldn't be fair.I've been totally unaware that he had a girl.Remember Chris,what goes around comes back around.peace and love y'all


I think Chris & Rihanna should date again BC we ALL KNOW you guys love eachother so cockroach transvestite needs to go somewhere, bc she doesn't love him, juss for the fame, Rihanna & Chris PA-LEASE get back together we all want it(: and so do you


really think that he is making a come back so fast but it really gets me going when he is still getting it lol doing great


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