Justin Bieber Shirtless Alert: Singer Spotted in Cabo!

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Justin Bieber has been spotted in Cabo.

The singer is on vacation down south with at least his father and Selena Gomez, both of whom were also photographed with him on the beach this week.

Justin Bieber Shirtless
Justin Bieber in Cabo

Justin is getting in some time for play before heading back to work, as he Tweeted from the resort: “Start work on #BELIEVE again. Full time in the studio next week.”

The beloved artist also caused a bit of a stir a few days ago by getting a large shot of Jesus Christ tattooed on left calf. Most admire the dedication to his faith, but some wonder whether a giant tattoo is a bit showy, considering the cause.

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If you watch the Ellen videos of JB visiting the Las Vegas Elem. school you will see what a great kid he is. He has a good heart and I wish him and his family all the best is 2012.


The second picture looked odd, like he's pulling on his swimtrunks. I'm not a fan of Justin, but think he mainly does good things. No one is perfect, not even famous people. Best of luck to him.


I have nuthin bad to say about beiber...I'm not crazy over him...but its a nice tatoo...I'm also christian. Great tatoo!


Seriously??! Justin Bieber is still just a kid.. Jus yo stay in school..

Bob sodervick

You are looking GREAT Justin!! Your workouts are really starting to show!

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