Justin Bieber Shirtless Alert: Singer Spotted in Cabo!

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Justin Bieber has been spotted in Cabo.

The singer is on vacation down south with at least his father and Selena Gomez, both of whom were also photographed with him on the beach this week.

  • Justin Bieber Shirtless
  • Justin Bieber in Cabo

Justin is getting in some time for play before heading back to work, as he Tweeted from the resort: “Start work on #BELIEVE again. Full time in the studio next week.”

The beloved artist also caused a bit of a stir a few days ago by getting a large shot of Jesus Christ tattooed on left calf. Most admire the dedication to his faith, but some wonder whether a giant tattoo is a bit showy, considering the cause.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]

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Boy, io must be getting old, because everytime I see this boy without a shirt, I want to look over my shoulder to see if the child porn police are watching me! I cannot stand looking at his malnourished physique, becaue the boy needs to lift some weights, he is just to thin. It seems as though he is competing with his girlfriend for who has the smallest and petite frame (just saying). There should be a warning over his shirtless photos, so you can brace yourself, for the puberty look... And what is his hand doing in the second photo? Is he too far from the bathroom, and holding in the pressure of urination? I just saying... It looks like he is pulling down his pants, like toddlers do when the "bathroom call" comes...


He shaves?! His...? JB shaves?..... lol.....


ok, he's not super muscly...but he is hot(:


:) justin bieber is so hot I am such a big fan .. Rather he is shirtless or not he always looks good .. Some people really need to stop hatein on him n sayin he is a little kid no lie !!


Y wud he get a tattoo of jesus? No one knows what he looks like.... But think the idea is cute


Jb is growin up... It seems like yesterday he was that kid singin on youtube


Jb is a cute kid, people need to stop being so hateful he's akid still duhh he's not gonna look like the rock or ryand renolds but give him hime and he'll mature then yall will be the ones drooling!
Remember shia Lebuf? Yeah even stevens now look How hot... Time ppl.. Time!


If you all think his abs are all that you're delusional... Its obvious he needs to beef up before mouths drop with drool...


My little cousin has more abs than that, and he's 8. Just saying.