Justin Bieber Honors Michael Jackson at Hollywood Ceremony, Covers "Rockin Robin"

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A young, burgeoning music icon paid tribute to a late legend for the ages yesterday.

Justin Bieber came out for a special ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, where Michael Jackson's children helped immortalize their father via that locale's famous hand and footprint ceremony. And he was brought to the stage by a major fan.

"I want to introduce you all to a performer who also found stardom at a very young age, just like my dad," Paris Jackson told the crowd. "My father would have been proud to mentor to someone like him and would be very proud that he came to today's celebration. We are all very big fans of him, and his music. I know I am."

Bieber proceeded to send his best wishes to the family and then perform a cover of MJ's "Rockin Robin," as seen here:

"Michael meant so much to me," Justin said. "I know he meant a lot to you guys as well. He was more than entertainer. He was an inspiration. He was kind, gentle and very charitable. People are going to remember him for his dancing and singing, but people have to remember him for being the man he was.

“Thank you so much. Have a blessed day. Michael, I love you!”


Elvis was such a great singer. Sorry for his death. Michael was one of his kind and was a wonderful entertainer. Good luck to all the young upcoming stars.


Archie or whoever the hell you are needs to shut up. I guess I'm stupid because I loved MJ's music. People like you are the reason celebrities get death threats. Nobody cares what you have to say so go get a life.


archie, get a life moron mj did nothing to kids. you are one of the ppl who believed the lies that were told. do everyone a fav unplug your puter stick your head in the groud an shut the hell up u know nothing bout mj. he was the greatest man who ever lived an he was the greatest father who ever lived an he was not a drug addict. ppl need to stop believing the media jerks. you haters are jealous cuz u mean nothing in this world. an he did. if u dont know the truth then shut the hell up. now onto another thing justin had no right being there. he is a loser an cant sing. an he will never ever be on mj level. as far as elvis mj detrown him mj was a better man an entertainer then him or anyone else an now one will ever reach his level. if we had more men in this world like mj it would be a better place


Yep it's cold, and so were the things he did to kids. As for Elvis being a dope/pill head or whatever, apparently so was Michael. He just had a doctor to give it to him. Isn't that what killed him? Don't take it wrong, I liked both of their music. I and am not racist like Neci, just saying a horse is a horse. Michael mutilated his face, got drug into court for some bad things. So why would anyone give him the honor. Charles Manson should have his prints placed there as well, right? Or how about all the people that have to register as sex offenders? As for Michael being white or black, who could tell?


Neci..... u have no idea what the hell ur talkin about when u mention Elvis...he wasn't a crack head he was a pill head...as far as u sayin he stole music from back people, that's a bunch of bs... he created his own music n did it very well...ur comments have me thinkin that ur a black person n just wanna use the race card but I don't think that u realize, that pathetic excuse doesn't work anymore... Elvis has been deceased for a long time now so how bout u show some damn respect n stop bein jealous that u probably never did anything to better it life...so next time u want to try
n use the discrimination card bs, know what the hell ur talkin about first before u start running ur mouth n makin urself sound so disrespectful n juvenile... n I'm not even goin to comment on the rape line u wrote cuz if u haven't figured it out then u need to open a book n really teach urself all over again....WOW


I thik justin beibers nice to remeber michel jackson


Why would people honor Elvis? He stole music from black people, fall in love with his ex-wife at the age 14yrs old, and rape her in the 60s when they were married. Wow, people still look up to crack head.


wow thats cold archie talkin bout him like that.


Why would people honor a pedifile nut job? His music doesn't out weigh this weirdo's sins. People who support him are just as stupid as he was. Glad he's gone!!

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