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Justin Bieber is a young man of faith, and he's not afraid to show it.

Over the summer, the singer and his father got matching tattoos of the Lord's name in Hebrew. Now, Justin has done that one better, debuting new ink of Jesus Christ Himself this week, as the Big Guy graces the artist's left calf muscle:

Justin Bieber Jesus Christ Tattoo

WWJD? He might pull up his pants.

In April, Bieber also made his religious feelings well known, going off on the paparazzi for trailing him through Israel. He didn't feel like they were respecting Jesus or the land on which He walked.

What do you think, Beliebers? We know how Tim Tebow feels about Justin's new tattoo, but are you down with this public display of faithful devotion?

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isnt nothing wrong with a tattoo ive got 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 thier cool and yeh saggin started in prison thats not cool


Olga, your second comment is not necesarily true. Piercings, as long as they are modest ones are okay. I personally believe it is okay for a woman to pierce her ears, nothing more. Tattoos and other excessive piercings, however, are forbidden as they come from pagan practices.


I'm not religious but I am pretty sure in the bible it says you aren't supposed to get tattoos or pierce your body in any way since that is the body god gave you. >.> It just seems hypocritical. Besides, face tattoos rarely ever look good.


@olga he'll grow into it,
but if that wat HE wants todo more power to him
And god bless him!


Why wouldn't it be a good thing? Celebrities preach about their scientology/atheist/buddhism beliefs religiously. Having Jesus Christ tattooed on him should be something that is respected in the public eye. He is a great role model for young kids. Showing his followers that it is okay to be vocal about their beliefs is very noble. I respect him even more now.. What a great kid.


Haha! Yes -- because only the well-built should have the big JC in their lives. Oh, my. . . .


Yea! Pull up your pants! You know that started in prison! yea, lets tell kids we want to emulate that!


His legs are too skinnny for that tattoo..doesnt look to appealing.


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