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Justin Bieber is a young man of faith, and he's not afraid to show it.

Over the summer, the singer and his father got matching tattoos of the Lord's name in Hebrew. Now, Justin has done that one better, debuting new ink of Jesus Christ Himself this week, as the Big Guy graces the artist's left calf muscle:

Justin Bieber Jesus Christ Tattoo

WWJD? He might pull up his pants.

In April, Bieber also made his religious feelings well known, going off on the paparazzi for trailing him through Israel. He didn't feel like they were respecting Jesus or the land on which He walked.

What do you think, Beliebers? We know how Tim Tebow feels about Justin's new tattoo, but are you down with this public display of faithful devotion?

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Jesus Christ Tattoo with Musicians Pictures (include Justin Bieber)


this is how to u respect Jesus by making him on legs.look i dont know cuz i m not christian....love u justin bieber #truebelieber


its fake....


The bible also says that the one without sin be the first to cast a stone. I think especially in this day and age tattoos should be the least of our worries. No one is perfect, we are human but we have the ability to chose a good path as much as possible. Stealing and murder are way more concerning, but a tattoo...and of Jesus? Seriously? At his age, sheesh I'd be happy knowing this is his biggest "issue". I'm not a bieber fan just saying he has faith..,let him be. He's human too.


It's pretty silly of those criticizing JB for getting a Jesus tattoo. Yes, the bible says to not mark or cut your body. Meaning to not alter your body in any way because God dwells in us as we are his temple. But that would also include cosmetic plastic surgery and other body mods. Cosmetic Plastic surgery is rising now more than ever. Seriously? Bashing Justin cause he got a tattoo? Come on. The bible says many things that unfortunatley people don't adhere to fully. I am a person of faith and good heart but I'm not perfect. I'd like to see someone who is entirely pure and free of sin. Take lieing, stealing, adultery, revenge, greed, murder, ignoring marriage vows, foul mouth, to name a few, who hasn't done at least one of these?


I personally dont like JB. But I don't think its a big deal about his tat. I'm 22 year old girl and not everyone has alot of tattoos is bad person. And people think we don't think about before getting them. Actually people who get real tattoos that mean something usually take hard research and put in time to finding an image of something that means something to them. For me I did that with all 9 of my tats. People ask how can you have so many for a young lady. Personally I have two college degrees , having tattoos isn't a big deal!


@Jessica Amen. All real Christians love God, his son(Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. We don't know how Jesus looks and fake images of him are wrong. It's okay to love and have faith in him but mankind are taking things a little too far.


The trend of getting tattooed has been out of control for quite sometime. I just wish that I was a Dr with laser expertise. These short-sighted individuals are and/or will be lining up by the thousands to try and get rid of these nasty and ridiculous examples of ignorance. When arms and legs begin to look like wet newspapers because of the aging process, there will be a lot of head scratching along with thoughts of "What the hell was I thinking?!"


Thats one creepy tattoo. I like JB, but give me a break. A picture of jesus? How silly. He should of gotten a tattoo of his mom, and dad. He got good genes from them. Whats his face had nothin to do with it. Creepy....


If he wants a tattoo on his leg of Jesus Christ to show his faith and his religion. He can do that. Why is it such a big deal that he got it? If anyone else did it it wouldn't be such a big deal. I understand that yes young kids look up to him.. But how is this setting a bad example? I wasn't a Justin fan, but how he stands up for his beliefs and isn't afraid of displaying them is great for him! And yes his pants are saggin but hey.. I know that if I had a camera following me around all the time I'm sure they'd catch something like that of me too.

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