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Justin Bieber is a young man of faith, and he's not afraid to show it.

Over the summer, the singer and his father got matching tattoos of the Lord's name in Hebrew. Now, Justin has done that one better, debuting new ink of Jesus Christ Himself this week, as the Big Guy graces the artist's left calf muscle:

Justin Bieber Jesus Christ Tattoo

WWJD? He might pull up his pants.

In April, Bieber also made his religious feelings well known, going off on the paparazzi for trailing him through Israel. He didn't feel like they were respecting Jesus or the land on which He walked.

What do you think, Beliebers? We know how Tim Tebow feels about Justin's new tattoo, but are you down with this public display of faithful devotion?

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OMG wat prevents those pants from fallin!!


Its his life,so let him leave it to d fullest


Pick up your pants!


Justin can get any kinda tattoo he wants its his choice but just think the way he gets so many tattoos well not so many but by the time hes 20 he'll have lots lol :) oh well idc really hes hot


To everyone freaking out about this tattoo, grow up. I mean c'mon let Justin live his life the way HE wants to. So what if he is admiring Jesus in a way that he wants to. It isn't a big deal. I am a Christian and i think that he deserves to do what he wants & can live his life the way he wants. . Anyone criticizing him, shame on you.


leave my bieber alone he we do whatever he want ok he put on the tattoo of jesus bcs he like it love you jb


Who cares what we think about it?! This is what God thinks about it: "Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on your skin. I am the LORD. Leviticus 19:28


@Okay: I couldnt agree more.. God sees our hearts so if we have Jesus in our heart thats what matters the most


Let him n his way of luvin jesus be. Nothin wrong wth it


I think it is totally fine and nobody should bother him about it. It is his body he can do what he wants with it.

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