John King Ignores Ron Paul, Gets Booed By Crowd at S.C. Debate

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John King did not have a good night Thursday.

At last night's CNN debate in Charleston, S.C., the network's moderator was absolutely eviscerated by Newt Gingrich after King brought up his ex-wife's recent interview in undoubtedly the event's most memorable exchange.

Not only that, he seemed to skip over Ron Paul - a doctor by trade - more than once, most notably during an exchange about the candidates abortion positions:

Following a back-and-forth between Republican presidential candidates Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, King changed the topic, only to be booed by the crowd.

Because he had completely ignored the fourth candidate on stage, Paul.

Paul laughed off the oversight, noting “John, once again, it’s a medical subject and I’m a doctor!” Paul, an obstetrician, went on to weigh in on the subject.

The Texas Congressman voiced concerns about federal funding of institutions providing abortions, saying such decisions should be made on a state-by-state basis.

South Carolina's crucial primary takes place tomorrow.


I'm sure it was an honest mistake on John King's part.


Individual rights FIRST.. then State and last small federal government.
The way the framers of OUR CONSTITUTION intended. Give me liberty... not mitt OR newt. Less than 11 percent of the AMERICAN people approve of congress and THAT includes me! We need a peaceful REVOLUTION... back to the Constitution! MAKE YOUR VOTE... COUNT..... every single vote for Dr Paul shows support for TRUE FREEDOM and economic recovery... Don't waste your vote.
Even if he doesn't get the most votes.... the greater his numbers the better for you, our children and their children. Don't waste your vote... VOTE FREEDOM.......... VOTE.. RON PAUL.


I swear, the media are such scumbags.
Ron Paul 2012

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