John King Ignores Ron Paul, Gets Booed By Crowd at S.C. Debate

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John King did not have a good night Thursday.

At last night's CNN debate in Charleston, S.C., the network's moderator was absolutely eviscerated by Newt Gingrich after King brought up his ex-wife's recent interview in undoubtedly the event's most memorable exchange.

Not only that, he seemed to skip over Ron Paul - a doctor by trade - more than once, most notably during an exchange about the candidates abortion positions:

Following a back-and-forth between Republican presidential candidates Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, King changed the topic, only to be booed by the crowd.

Because he had completely ignored the fourth candidate on stage, Paul.

Paul laughed off the oversight, noting “John, once again, it’s a medical subject and I’m a doctor!” Paul, an obstetrician, went on to weigh in on the subject.

The Texas Congressman voiced concerns about federal funding of institutions providing abortions, saying such decisions should be made on a state-by-state basis.

South Carolina's crucial primary takes place tomorrow.

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This democratic / republican political scheme is a dog and pony show. They both answer to the same masters. Many of the interviewers will ask Ron Paul a question in such a way that it is already negative before he gets to answer. Then when he says he wants to end most foreign aid, and is asked if that means Israel too? and says yes, the story is Ron Paul wants to abandon Israel! If you listen to his full explanation he says Israel (you won't see it in the mainstream media) is capable of taking care of themselves. We give more aid to the surrounding countries as well, much of it which ends up being used against Israel. Along with the aid comes strings attached. Israel should be able to defend herself as she sees fit. Back in the eighties when Israel attacked Iraq's nuclear site, congress passed a resolution condemning the attack. Ron Paul stood alone, voting against the resolution and saying Israel has the right to defend herself without interference from us.


Have something for all you hatemongers... Go to Youtube and type in, "The Compassion of Ron Paul."


I watched the SC primary debates on Youtube and it is interesting to know that even the Media in United States is BIASED! Just like our mainstream media in MALAYSIA!. I notice these bias: 1) Locating the Congressman at the last podium
2) Not including him in the view when the others are debating
3) Ignoring him throughout the debates!
4) The way the question was framed: always seems to have in favour of Mitt Romney?
5) The host seems to done his background search on Mitt Romney and Newt (embarassing question indeed) but not on Santorum and Ron. Another subtle thing is, when the camera zooms to the audience, when Santorum or Mitt is speaking, they will show people clapping hands and nodding heads. However, when Ron speaks and answers a question, the camera will specifically zoom in on a guy who crosses his hands,frowning and is looking uptight hahaha.
Gotcha! -I'm out.. from Malaysia.
Good Luck America!


I am a supporter of Dr. Ron Paul, and plan to vote for him in the primaries and in november. I would dearly love seeing our country as it was originally intented...the first book published in the USA was the Holy Bible for the Classroom. Yeah, we need God in our daily lives. What I really wonder is...If Dr.Paul actually received the majority of the primary votes, would the establishment actually make him the GOP candidate? And, further, if made the GOP candidate for president in 2012, should he received the majority of the votes in general election - would the establishment honor this, or put one of their secret society puppets in office. I pray GOD BLESS AMERICA and WE THE PEOPLE of this great nation.


Paul is feared by the covert leadership, because he only represents the "people" and the "Constitution". He will run to the end, which should say enough to any logical American that he or she should at the least go to his website and get the real facts...not the media portrait of the man. Do not accept the medicine the "machine" wants you to take. If most of our youth is behind this man there must be a good reason. They see the chance to right this sinking ship now, so there will be a future for them to look forward to.


They tried to ignore Ron Paul on Foxnews with harris faulkner live yesterday morning but fan's kept on about Ron Paul and john king getting booed in her live fb/twit chat till she finally said something lol jump to @1:06:40 in video at there going on and on about Ron Paul !!! FreedoM !!!


So why are they so afraid to let him talk, and to let the public know about him? Are they scared of his idea that people actually have the power and not the corporations? Do you want to see an end to all foreign aid?
Do you want to see an end to all corporate subsidies?
Look at ronpaul2012 DOT com and YouTube videos - for 30 years Ron Paul has been right, but no one would listen.
It's time to listen and choose.


Haha, just an oversight. I'm sure it was oversight in the post debate analysis when the other three candidates were discussed for 56 minutes without a single mention of the Ron Paul... There are a lot of "oversights."


Yes, I noticed that seemed every time the camera was panned, they only showed the three candidates CNN has approved us voting for (which, for those not in the know, does not include Dr. Paul).


It wasn't just King. Whenever the cameras panned the candidates, there were only 3 before the commercial. CNN's bias is so obvious!