John King Ignores Ron Paul, Gets Booed By Crowd at S.C. Debate

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John King did not have a good night Thursday.

At last night's CNN debate in Charleston, S.C., the network's moderator was absolutely eviscerated by Newt Gingrich after King brought up his ex-wife's recent interview in undoubtedly the event's most memorable exchange.

Not only that, he seemed to skip over Ron Paul - a doctor by trade - more than once, most notably during an exchange about the candidates abortion positions:

Following a back-and-forth between Republican presidential candidates Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, King changed the topic, only to be booed by the crowd.

Because he had completely ignored the fourth candidate on stage, Paul.

Paul laughed off the oversight, noting “John, once again, it’s a medical subject and I’m a doctor!” Paul, an obstetrician, went on to weigh in on the subject.

The Texas Congressman voiced concerns about federal funding of institutions providing abortions, saying such decisions should be made on a state-by-state basis.

South Carolina's crucial primary takes place tomorrow.

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The first poster, Ken, declares that he is a Canadian but has been volunteering in the Washington State primaries. Doesn't Canada prohibit its citizens from taking part in foreign political activities? If not, it should, and we certainly should not allow it here. Ken is being very presumptous.


I have been supporting Ron Paul for president since 2008. I am Canadian, but I volunteered in the Washington state primaries. I honestly cannot understand why some americans support any of the puppet-president contenders. If "elect-ability" is the issue, look at the numbers for a Paul-Obama election match up. Seriously, Ron Paul is pretty much the only GOP candidate who can beat Obama... which may explain why big money media does its best to hide Dr. Paul. Electability, principle, consistency, and a solid understanding of the proper role of government in society... why is anyone even questioning Ron Paul for president?


This is nothing compared to CNN's post-debate show where they discussed the other three candidates for AN ENTIRE HOUR, completely ignoring Ron Paul. When the corporate media is so terrified that they will blatantly censor a candidate out in the open, you know that someone is a threat to their establishment playground.


Ron Paul is the only candidate not tied to Big money and Big government. Ron Paul is hated and ignored by the big news media because they are controlled by the BIG MONEY people who are afraid of the change Dr. Ron Paul stands for. Ron Paul for President!!


@Colram-You are thinking way to far down the Road! We can't even Predict the price at the Pump much less what will happen in 2016. My guess is it will be out with the old and In with Christi-Rand Paul and the Hispanic guy in Florida in the election after this one. American is in need of a 3rd Party but not this year. You want total Chaos and a Generation in debt-Vote for Obama. This guy was a mistake.


Ron Paul is the only candidate that is not in the race for fame. Morals matter the way a person looks does not. I believe its his "goofy" look that holds Dr. Paul Back. He is Clearly the best canddate.


Ron Paul is the only candidate that is not in the race for fame. Morals matter the way a person looks does not. I believe its his "goofy" look that hold Dr. Paul Back. He is Clearly the best canddate.


I will vote for Dr. Paul, even if I have to write him in. I'd prefer Obama to Romney. An Obama win means another chance in 4 years, but a Romney win dooms us to a choice between incumbent Romney vs Hillary Clinton in 2016 and therefore no chance for anything better for 8 more years. Malaysia, thank you for posting your insightful comments. I am so pleased to add your country to my list of those with pro-Paul commenters, a list that so far includes Canada, Switzerland, Spain, UK, Indonesia, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia. It seems that many throughout the world desire the peace that Dr. Paul would bring.


Go 3rd party Ron Paul and separate yourself from this cruddy GOP. You are far above both corrupt parties and the only honest and ethical candidate running. No wonder the media and the elite establishment are terrified of you. You really do what you promise to do and they do not want to lose their grip around the throat and possessions of everyday hard working Americans. Go Ron Paul.


Ron Paul is the leader of a cause. It is obvious to me that he cares less about being elected president than he does about defending the cause of liberty and defending the people and the constitution, which is exactly why he SHOULD be elected! Ron Paul isn't running to GET the job , he is running to DO the job. I'm one month shy of my 60th birthday and this is the most refreshing and uplifting thing I have seen in my years of voting agianst canidates. For the first time I am able to fully support one.