John Edwards Trial Postponed Due to "Life-Threatening" Heart Condition

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John Edwards has a life-threatening heart condition, sources confirm to CNN.

The National Enquirer reported New Year's Day that Edwards had sought to delay his trial for criminal corruption, scheduled to begin later this month, due to the condition.

Looks like that was true. Lawyers and a federal judge met in a North Carolina courtroom Friday for a status hearing regarding the pending trial of the former U.S. senator.

Edwards appeared in person at Friday's hearing. The motion for a delay was made under seal, but some details were publicly revealed by the judge in the open hearing.

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The criminal trial has been delayed until at least March 26, according to reports.

Judge Catherine Eagles said she's contacted Edwards' cardiologist, who recommended a postponement, saying John is scheduled to undergo surgery next month.

Edwards is charged with six felony and misdemeanor counts related to donations to and payments he allegedly made from his failed 2008 presidential campaign.

He's accused of conspiracy, issuing false statements and violating campaign contribution laws by funneling money to now-infamous mistress Rielle Hunter.

He denies wrongdoing. In a criminal sense. Even he says he's a jerk.



T jones

What an even more sad tragedy that this fate is turning into!


At this time I will decline to offer any unkind words for John Edwards. I am more in favor of a better health picture for him considering the fact that his children have already had to experience the loss of their mother. Hopefully there can be some healing and repairing in the relationships with family members especially Now that Mr. Edwards is in a health crisis. PEACE!!


Oh geez, he is a f u c k ing idiot and nobody needs to feel sh it for this moron. Its karma not heartbreak.


amazing to me how this guy could have been president and look at him now. he has money, good looks, a good family...what a waste. unsure what life with his deceased wife was like (she could have been a nightmare to live with, who knows). however, he could have divorced her and conducted himself with more dignity. i feel for him; he does seem extremly lost in this world.


There was time that I really wanted this man to be President of the United States because I believed him. I am so sorry that he was caught up in the madness. Most of all I am sorry for his children.They have already lost a mother and their dad is all they have. If Ms Hunter was any kind of woman, she would back off. Of course he has to be a father to her child because this is no fault of the child. I do feel for him. This is illness could be a factor of his own heartbreak. Me I am a woman of faith and I say give it to Jesus and he will work it out. I think his life is so messed up that he no longer knows what to do. This may be the thing that brings him closer to reality of life and loved ones. My prayer is for his total healing of body and spirit.


John Edwards Serious Heart Condition court trail video today

Wv peach

Dirty bastard! He deserves no leniency....his cancer stricken wife was offered none by Edwards and that home- wrecking whore of his. Sorry dude, you're an ass who gets no sympathy from me.


I feel really sorry for Mr. Edwards. If only he had stayed faithful to his wife, his life would not be so messed up. Remember the Bible tells us that what we sow we will reap.

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