Jersey Shore Recap: Vinny Guadagnino Bounces, MVP Now Just MP

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Despite being back in the Garden State, and not even two hours away from his beloved family, and despite having reunited with them during last week's Jersey Shore Season 5 premiere, Vinny Guadagnino just could not snap out of his "funk."

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    dear vinny
    hi how are you? iam fine. some thing to see you some day soon i am hope to call to you some time soon candle light dinner and soft music and a movies can you call me some time want you can my nummber is (717)460-2103
    your biggerst fan in the would
    jaime anne saylor
    p.s. wirte back soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Vinny is a babe, is hot n attractive n he is cool n is a good man. Vinny is truly loved n adored at the jersey shore n in rhode island.


    Snookie ilove 2 crazy;)


    vinney is a party animal i love vin


    I get wat every1 means wen they say mikes gay but come on if u really think that u must think vinny and pauly r 2 i mean i dont think any of them r but i have had thought twice about those 2 i mean sumtimes theyre just weird


    Vinny is such a relaxed guy and he doesnt look like the type to want to party and deal with drama all the type. I give him props for lasting this long. i would of left a longggg time ago. Vinnys a real man and its not how he should be living. He has more potential to do something better with his life. He needs to curl up on the couch and watch a good movie with his family! (: Hope he feels better!


    I'm not sure Vinny suffers from anxiety. Maybe he is tired of the cameras and lack of privacy. He can't outrun the problem of loudness and people. First off his family is Italian and loud on their own. Secondly, unless he becomes a hermit, a great deal of people could recogonize him in the US. I do respect he seems sad and miserable. I truly hope leaving will help him. I've always thought he was a good guy.


    as far as Snooki admitting to Vinny.. hello? it was on the show.. it was being recorded. good job for admitting to something that was taped anyway. i think she hooked up with Mike, because she keeps saying "that's not a friend" meaning "you didn't keep our secret", just like she did to Jenny in Italy. to her, a friend is someone that keeps her lies straight for her.

    Vinny.. i wish you all the best. get better sweetie!


    I wish vinny a good and healthy rest . He is smart and intelligent to know when to pick his health and not his fame . I give it to Pauly for showing to be a true friend . The best to you .


    haha june my sisteres said the same thing but honestly i have anxiety and i always knew vinny had it bcuz of his body language in sertant seens especally the first 2 seasons but this time idk it duznt seem like anxiety 2 me wen i get anxious i just ignor it and it ususally goes away i learnd over the years thats the best way 2 beat it i used 2 get it so bad i would have 2 throw up b4 i left the house or even wen i was already out haha weird thinking back now cuz that was pretty fuckd haha but anyway yea i think its sumthin else cuz i wouldnt drag it out like that cuz every1 talkin about it and askin if im ok would make it sooo much worse but ya it seems like sumthin else is botherin him maybe they found out who got the spin offs And he didnt cuz he still seems off wen there on late night and stuff and that would SUCK bcuz that means his career is over but who nos i just dnt believe its cuz hes homesick

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