Jennifer Flavin to Join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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Producers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are looking for new ladies to add to the mix, and the latest, rumored name attached to that endeavor is Jennifer Flavin.


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    You have got to be kidding. Adding Jennifer Flavin would be such a
    joke. Not only is she an idiot and can't even pronounce words
    properly, she is so annoying already. Definitely a bad choice...
    and very shallow and fake.


    Camille & Lisa are fake women...Camille kept her name lastname out of spite.Hello Camille drop the damn name and be done with it Brandi did.Lisa on the other hand,who openly brags about they dispense sex only on (SPECIAL) occasions. The woman may appear classy on the outside but her mouth is pure garbage.The moment she was able to let her hair down in Las Vegas,Lisa does a lap dance to the Chippendale Stripper...That really should have made Ken's night. Then it bothers me how she chimes in on Brandi about coming to Ken. Hell why no if Lisa's not going to be a wife & give the man what he needs someone should!!!


    TAYLOR IS LIKE A CAR WRECK.! You KNOW You Shouldn't look but you just can't help it. WTF IS WRONG WITH HER LIPS.? & KIMS OUT OF CONTROL ASS, JESUS! PLEASE DISCHARGE THESE 2 from the lineup too much energy spent on them...... Go back to the original premise of the show opulence,glamour, excess etc. NOT THESE 2 nut jobs!!!!! Mse. Lisa& Adrienne are my two favorite divas, Kyle is @ times too preachy but she's a good solid person. Camille is actually become a sweetheart , I'm glad Camille has become a new woman. Brandi is a trashcan with teeth & hair . Dana is a wannabe, matter of fact Dana who? Please get rid of Lips & nutjob.........


    Was Kyle angry because her husband didn't work with Lisa and Ken in selling their home and buying a new one; netting them a few hundred thou in the process? She certainly didn't act like a friend, despite her repeatedly saying she was. Methinks she didst protest too much. Taylor's lips grew. Well, she did tell Andy she wouldn't have her lip enhancements removed. Instead, it appears she gave them little friends. Perhaps they're like Pinocchio's nose. Tough season.


    Poor Lisa. So sad to watch her cheeks getting rosier and rosier as her upset grew. It was especially awful when Adrienne accused her former neighbor, who just sold her 19 million dollar home, of selling gossip. (Lisa doesn't need that 25K but I'd be happy to infiltrate the groups,eavesdrop at restaurants and spas, even wear a wire for that amount.) Camille was her only friend there. Yes, Lisa can make snide little remarks (I, The Good Faery, have been known to err in that respect.) However, she is never really cruel. (Am I the only one who thinks those shoes floating free with the front cantilevered over the platform, are bizarre?)


    ...oops! Addiction and glamour


    Please, please Bravo remove Taylor from my fav show. I cannot look at her so when she appears I turn the channel. She is totally self-absorbed. Get back to the glitz and glamor premise. Taylor just does not belong on this show...maybe "Addition" show.


    Any fresh face would be welcome to replace Taylor. Her screeching, her tantrums, meltdowns aren't the result of being supposedly abused; in fact, they have become commical. I'm not even watching the reunion because of her ugly mug and because Andy Cohen will kiss her ass. If Bravo does bring her back out of sympathy, I hope they do get entangled in her legal mess. Would serve them right.

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