Jennifer Aniston Taking "Pregnant" Pause From Acting?

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Jennifer Aniston is reportedly cutting back on her acting schedule amid the latest round of rumors that - you guessed it - the 42-year-old is pregnant.

The actress, who is dating Justin Theroux, has decided not to take on any more movies for the foreseeable future, according to the UK's Daily Mail.

She is still doing promotional work for her new comedy Wanderlust - she and Justin met on set - but Jen told her agent she wants a break afterward.


Justin Theroux With Jennifer Aniston

"She wants to focus on herself and hopefully becoming a mother," says a source to the British paper, succinctly, with no evidence to support that whatsoever.

Of course, there is also an alleged professional reason: "She is thinking of launching her own fashion line which would allow her to spend more time at home."

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux recently went on vacation to Colorado, where they reportedly spent every night in together. You know what THAT means.

It means if nothing else, tabloids will have a field day, given that Brad Pitt just got Angelina Jolie pregnant with #7 recently ... according to nonsense sources.

AH, good times. Nice to see Brangelina and Anistoux powering the gossip rumor mill early and often to ensure 2012 is off to a rousing, absurd start.



i think jennifer is one of the best woman in hollywood,she is a woman true to her man no matter what going on she all way stand by his side,but that they allway let her down in the end. i hope she is going to have her frist chid no matter who the father may be.


With the latest photograph, Justin seems not to love Jen any longer. I think that two persons' heat cooled down.


Watched mr and mrs smith last night bit was Jen stupid letting Brad film that was Angelina.


if she thinks having a baby right now is best for.then am with her. Well, she is not getting younger,there is always time to continue her career.but having a child is a different thing entirely.


I seriously think she should drop Justin and adopt on her own if Jennifer really wants to be a mom.Then she doesnt have to go through what ever roller coaster ride shes on.Besides anybody ever know a justin worth knowing who wasnt useing sb?

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