Jenelle Evans on Arrests: All Out of Spite!

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Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans gets in almost as much legal trouble as DMX. Yet the North Carolina malcontent insists she's the victim of spiteful law enforcement officials.

Evans, who was involved in a melee with her roommates on last night's Teen Mom 2 (below), was arrested twice LAST WEEK after a fight she had with her roommates.

Different roommates: Hannah Inman and former boss James Duffy.

If nothing else, you can count on Jenelle Evans not to sugarcoat anything. In an interview with E! News, she set the record sort-of straight about her recent woes.

"I actually am confused about the arrest from last week," Evans said. "I haven't contacted Hannah or Duffy in a month, and I was the first to press charges."

"I think they are trying to charge me with things out of spite.

"Hannah does not own a cell phone either so there's no way I could of harassed her with phone calls. I never threatened Hannah. I guess she claims I'm a threat."

"All that does, it just makes me laugh, because I moved 45 minutes away from her three weeks ago to get away from the drama and be closer to school."

Jenelle's second arrest came, according to Duffy, when Evans refused to take down a naked picture of Hannah on Facebook, violating a protective order.

"I didn't post any naked picture of Hannah. I have four admins on my Facebook. One of them must've posted it. I didn't even know it was posted," Jenelle says.

"After I got arrested, I searched for it and deleted it. I really don't understand any of these charges. Duffy is using Hannah to his advantage, I believe. He is forcing her to do this. It's a known fact, or else she will be on the streets."

Her relationship with Duffy has weighed heavily on her health.

"I have to go back to the psychiatrist; I feel like I'm about to have a nervous breakdown. It's constant harassment, arresting me for petty things. That's why my probation officer hasn't violated me for probation. She knows it's not my fault."

Evans, who is on probation for the ass-whomping she unleashed on Britany Truett last summer (below), also claims that Duffy has cyber-stalked her.

"Duffy is also jealous of my manager and mad that Hannah won't give it up to him," Jenelle continues. "This is very disturbing to me, because she is only 19 and he is 46. I wish she would see how dangerous he is and move out."

Everything else in Jenelle's life seems to be pretty good at least.

She doesn't "talk to Kieffer at all," and is very happy with her new boyfriend, Gary Head, who "doesn't mind about my legal troubles because he knows they are false and he sees me climbing higher and higher." Umm, sure.

Jenelle also says she is staying focused in school, practicing the medical field and sees her son Jace "every second I can." Yeah right.

As far as her relationship with her mother, Barbara, she says simply, "As long as I don't live with my mom then we get along." Now that we believe her on.


Yes, Jenelle is a bit of a wreck. But if any of you idiots commenting even knew anything about Mental Heath and being diagnosed with bi-polar ment then you may have a better understanding about Janelle. Yes it's painful To watch all this go down on TV. I don't agree that she should be on there especially with her new found mental Illness. This girl needs lots of positive supports around her or it's going to be constant failure after failure. Bi-polar is hard to wrap your head around as looking at it from the outside but on the right set of medications and positive support system Jenelle can definately be successfull! Her mother on the other hand needs help as well she may also has some sort of mental illness. She just doesn't know when to give up and all the yelling in front of poor Jase... That's not good at all. The mother is no better. The apple doesn't fall Far from the tree there lady! You need help too!! Or you and janelle will never see eye to eye!


Janelle is a train wreck and I can't wait to see what happens next. As long as she never gets custody of her son again...


Dang!! Jenelle is tiny but that girl can fight!


How is this poor excuse for a mother not in jail? She is bully and worthless to her own child and the general public. Please go away Jenelle and MTV should be ashamed to air such a total fraud of a teen mom.


She would look weird bald. She has an alien forehead


Stupid little slut. This girl is mentally ill.!


omg shut up jenelle... you are literally a piece of shit.

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