Jenelle Evans: Dating Gary Head!

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Sorry, Kieffer Delp: Gary Head is dating Jenelle Evans for some reason!

The Teen Mom 2 star doesn't necessarily have the best track record with men - or at life in general - but she seems happy for the moment, at least.

"New years kiss :)" the troubled reality TV star tweeted on January 1, with a photo of her kissing her rumored new boyfriend. So, meet Gary Head:

Gary Head and Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans Kissing

Classy shirt, Gar.

Jenelle Evans repeatedly calls him her "baby" on Twitter, but insists they're not officially together ... for now. "He isn't my man yet," she Tweeted to her fans.

If and when he becomes her man, the bar has been set very low.

Her baby daddy, Charles Andrew Lewis, bolted after she had son Jace, who is now in the primary custody of Jenelle's mother Barbara. Poor little Jace. :(

Don't even get us started on Kieffer Delp, who's in and out of jail, or that other guy Jason she was dating, but who was reportedly cheating on her. Ass.

Be good to her, Gary Head. If she doesn't beat you up first.


i think the baby´s father is the trash. once u are man enough to pregnate a girl u should be man enough to stand by ur kid. once a man does not take care of his kid, he is a coward. the girl has carried the baby for 9 months, i dont see any reason why she should not be happy and feel young. once the baby´s dad is flirting with other girls, the baby´s mom has the right to do d same with a new bf. a woman having a child is not the same as being in the prison.


I love how he has a tshirt with two women kissing. What a classy dude.


Jenelle Evans Dating New Boyfriend Gary Head pictures here


Where is the baby's father, and his parents? They should feel like horrible people for not taking as some responsibility for this child? And doesn't anyone from the father's side feel the need to provide Jace with a more stable home?


RUN Gary..............RRRRUUUUNNNN !


she is SUCH trash. Grow the fuck up janelle.. you have a kid you nasty horse face ho.

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