Jenelle Evans: Dating Gary Head!

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Sorry, Kieffer Delp: Gary Head is dating Jenelle Evans for some reason!

The Teen Mom 2 star doesn't necessarily have the best track record with men - or at life in general - but she seems happy for the moment, at least.

"New years kiss :)" the troubled reality TV star tweeted on January 1, with a photo of her kissing her rumored new boyfriend. So, meet Gary Head:

Gary Head and Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans Kissing

Classy shirt, Gar.

Jenelle Evans repeatedly calls him her "baby" on Twitter, but insists they're not officially together ... for now. "He isn't my man yet," she Tweeted to her fans.

If and when he becomes her man, the bar has been set very low.

Her baby daddy, Charles Andrew Lewis, bolted after she had son Jace, who is now in the primary custody of Jenelle's mother Barbara. Poor little Jace. :(

Don't even get us started on Kieffer Delp, who's in and out of jail, or that other guy Jason she was dating, but who was reportedly cheating on her. Ass.

Be good to her, Gary Head. If she doesn't beat you up first.


Nobody can't have a damn life and have fun for fuckn drama leave them the fuck alone damn nobody perfect and I think this whole teen mom shit is bull


I like your blog very much, I think you will pleased to look at


ASSHOLES.! Just somee FYI..Gary Head is a good fuckingg personn andd a damnn good Marine.! Y'all probablyy havee never evenn met himm. Soooo, SHUT THE FUCKK UPP. Him andd Jenelle's relationshipp is no ones business, but THEIRS.! Andd who cares what is on his shirt, grow the fuckk upppp bitches.! Mindd your ownn damnn business.!


When will Jenelle fall in love with the only constant man who will be in her life...JACE?


Hey Jeffrey,
Get a grip! You should talk to your brother about being dumb enough to date Jenelle. The girl is a train wreck and will mess up his life. If its for the media attention, well that he will get. Most likely with Jenelle getting violent over something stupid. Enjoy the ride!


My brother isn't trouble you dumb son of a bitches he is a marine been deployed and served his country so how about don't judge him off of his shirt u worthless people


I feel bad for Janelle. She is a young girl and young girls think about boys and want a boyfriend at her age. She will realize that boys are all that important when she grows up. I think she is a very lonely girl and her mother doesn't treat her right at all either. No, Janelle doesn't act right either, but her mother is an adult and treats Janelle like crap. She is constantly kicking her out and won't let Janelle take care of her own child at all. Instead of yelling at the girl constantly, maybe she should teach her how to do things for Jace. They both need counseling together.


Can you say tweeker? Junky?... he looks like trouble.


janelle needs to quit worrying about who she is going to spread her legs to and worry about her kid and grow up


I'm sorry why does this girl even have a fan base? She needs serious help getting her life together and her anger and resentment towards her mother under control. Who cares who she is dating?! GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR SON!! YOU AND EVERY OTHER MEDIA PUBLICATION NEEDS TO STOP PUBLICIZING HER AND LET HER FLOUNDER AWAY LIKE SOMEONE IN REALITY MIGHT HAVE TO DO SO SHE CAN GET HER CRAP TOGETHER!!

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