Jenelle Evans: Arrested For Violating Restraining Order!

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To quote her mother, Barbara, from Teen Mom 2: DAMMIT JENELLE!!!!!!!

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    Wtf, all hypocrites how can anybody say they haven't gone threw some child hood crises and be 100% perfect?? You can't so back tf off she's a teenager learning the roads to life so let her do it her way and screw all you hypocrites out there!!! Jennel i've got your back and always will love ya girl.. ;)

    @ Jennifer wright

    You're the kind of idiot that encourages this awful behaviour. She's barely old enough to drive, and she's constantly getting arrested, publicly announcing her avid love for marijuana, an illegal drug, and has a child. If that doesn't scream failure, I don't know what does. There's a distinct difference between "learning the ropes" and being a total fuckup. And all you're doing is condoning illegal, and irresponsible behaviour. You, and this useless trash named Jenelle are what me and my family like to refer to as the scum of the world.


    I had a baby at 19 and never acted like she does. Being a teen mom does not give you license to screw up your child's life. If she couldn't care for him and make sacrifices than she should have given him up for adoption. It breaks my heart to see the household that little boy has to grow up in.

    @ Chrissy

    Jenelle. Want. See her son Jace Want. See his Mom want custody back To her that is Jace 's Mom


    I totally believe that this young lady should be in counseling until something more drastic happens. She is totally out of control and her mother should intervene soon. She is inmature and should not have any contact with her child until all of her problems are addressed.


    WTF?? WHY WONT THEY KEEP HER IN JAIL?? She thinks she tough and shes a thug but let this little girl leave her safe little town and hit the real world and she will get eaten alive!! I get so mad at this girl. She should NEVER be allowed to see her child with the things she does. All she will do is teach him the same things and thats just what we need another want to be thug in this world. God help her little baby and this girls mother needs help to learn what NOT to do infront of a young child!! I have a four year old son and a five month old daughter and my husband and I PROTECT them. Not expose them to uglyness. I pray for this girl and her family and this baby and I hope yall will too!! SHE NEEDS IT!!


    I truly get mad at this young lady, but then again. None of us really know how she was raised either. We all make mistakes and learn from them. I am sure in time, say 5 or so yrs from now. Maybe sooner, she will have grown up and realize those mistakes. And make her self that much more of a better mother. She is only human. Just as the rest of us are as well.


    she is a Brat loser


    Jenelle is wild and restless and on drugs; she is both dependent on weed, and men. Instead of getting herself together she always galavants off into more and more trouble usually with her transient boyfriend Kiefer. Her son is in a good place with her mom, but Jenelle ahould be banned from seeing him until she gets her life in order.Her mom tries so hard to help Jenelle but her way is not good; she is weak she can't give her daughter an ultimatum of what she has to do. Jenelle will never get better as long as she has her mother being her doormat.


    To all of those saying that she was stripped of her right to be a mother you need to realize that she was leaving that child with her mom from day one. She was out with her friends, partying, etc. That is why her mom was criticizing her actions. Rightfully! She is a mess and needs to be told so, she made the choice to choose her lifestyle over Jace, her mother didnt make her do that.


    Wow she should be on backwoods hillbilly inbred teen moms gone crazy!!!! Her poor mother is raising her child while she chases keefer and reefer!!! She needs to get a life, a reality check, and some meds to help her psycho axx. She looks like a fool on national telivision, if she doesn't watch the shows she should it might put some things into perspective, like how bad she looks by treating her mom the only person in her life that stands by her like crap. Grow up Janelle!!!!

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