Isabella Barrett, 5, Hits NYC Nightclub; Sings "Sexy" LMFAO Single

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Isabella Barrett is a five-year contestant on Toddlers & Tiaras who rose to fame for recently saying a competitor dresses like a "hooker."

Now Barrett has made headlines again: for reasons that defy comprehension, the tyke was a star attraction at NYC nightclub Libation Monday night, sitting in the DJ booth during a fundraiser and singing along to  LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It."

We'd ask why is wearing a tutu... and is at the event... and has ever heard of this song. But we know the answer to all those questions, don't we? Yes, we're looking at you, awful mother.

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i'm tired of dumb mothers exploiting their daughters like this. i have sex with girls who frequent nightclubs. are you trying to confuse my penis? whoever the lady is standing next to her, she should be placed in a pizza oven. and the mother needs to be punished and the girl placed with people who care for her well being. and anybody who thinks this is "cute" or "normal" is a dumb slut and should NEVER have kids. oh, and the way they're raising this girl and parents who raise daughters like this, are only making it more likely for the girl to grow up and be a slut, which my penis likes, but my brain likes a girl with morals and responsibility, not just good sex, so parents need to do their jobs and stop raising dumb sluts.


come on now..fix this article and tell the truth.she is not singing that song.and maybe yall are just slower on getting news than other sites but reliable sites say this was not a night club but was really a place such as apple bees is just a regular place to eat that also has a bees was just an example.


Is the mother drunk? She seems a little unstable.I find it highly inappropriate for a 5 year old to be in a bar especially dressed in a tutu


If your gonna put stuff on the internet make sure its better quality than this crap. Whats that baby doing in that enviornment anyway?


CPS needs to monitor this situation! The "clubs" that invite this child should be fined! This is
a baby being exploited!!!!!!


She's not even singing lmfao, she's singing rihanna we found love. I wouldn't have my 5yr old up that late n especially not at a club! But this is America ppl land of the free where apparently we have the right to be bad parents so........its a damn shame but all we can do is balance it out and be better.


MICHELLE~~ I sincerely hope you do not have children. If you do, I'm a afraid you'll be just as HORRIBLE of a mother as this pathetic egg donor. We need BETTER mommies in the world NOT more like this one and you.


Leave them alone. The kid is healthy and not hurt or abused. I am tired of everyone telling people how to raise their kids.