Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry Urged to Undergo Counseling

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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry spent hours inside a Los Angeles courtroom yesterday, but little was accomplished in terms of settling on what changes would be made to the pair's custody arrangement.

Gabriel Aubry, Daughter
Halle and Nahla

The former couple is at odds because Aubry is under investigation for allegedly shoving his nanny while she cradled daughter Nahla,in her arms. Berry wants her ex to be barred from contact with Nahla until the investigation is complete.

But that determination was not decided by a judge yesterday.

Instead, according to TMZ, the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services submitted various recommendation for Halle and Gabriel, including third party mediation. She was reportedly open to the idea; he was not.

Both parties did, however, agree to send Nahla to counseling, while Berry will undergo therapy on her own and Aubry had already said he was open to anger management courses.

The judge did not rule on the nanny's fate, or on Berry's request to prevent contact between Nahla and Aubry. A full trial may be convened in the near future to deal with these issues.

Wv peach

Does that poor child ever smile? Her little face is always contorted in a frown. It's a shame this kid has those two idiots for parents. BTW, it most certainly is time Nahla walks, but perhaps this is just her way of being shielded from crazed photographers.


I agree Leo. There has always been something that has bugged me about her. I think it does have to do with the fact that she's always been portrayed as perfect. The perfect woman. Yet her personal life has been nothing but perfect. She's had so many failed relationships which is sad but I tend to think it's her and not so much the other person. Now this poor child being used like a wishbone, a pawn. What a mess. Nahla deserves better.


Okay, hit me with a feather, I am allergic to pain!!
Dare I ask the question...Again??
At almost 4 years old, I do Not understand why Nahla seem to (always)
be photographed in someone's arms. She appears to be toted all the time. I can agree that she is an adorable child,but is she allowed to walk on her own? There are many mothers who can only wish that their
child's father taken the time to give attention and support, and Halle appears to make it her life's mission to portray Gabriel as a threat to Nahla. If the "real Halle Berry" were to stand up,* I believe that she is closer to that character that she played in Jungle Fever than the glamourous movie star that men go gaga over!!

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