Golden Globes Fashion Face-Off: Sofia Vergara vs. Julie Bowen

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They make us laugh each Wednesday night on Modern Family, and they made us drool on the red carpet yesterday evening.

Indeed, among the many stars in attendance at the 2012 Golden Globes, few enjoyed a better time than Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen, both of whom were nominated for trophies; looked gorgeous; and took their rightful spot on stage when their series won Best Comedy.

But, sadly, one beauty must now become a loser. Study the fashion choices made by Vergara and Bowen and cast your vote accordingly:

Fashion Face-Off!

They make us laugh on Modern Family and drool on the red carpet. Decide whose Golden Globes fashion you liked better, Sofia Vergara or Julie Bowen? View Poll »


az to sofia i always been a suppoter to latina magazine and to the community but anyhow to me i think her dress is pretty az for me bein dominican born americana i feel she always pic perfect and stays on point and knows exavtly want she wants in life my favorite movie is when she was in carlitos way part 2 and plays The Housewife:)!!!!!oxoxoxoxoxtaylor kinda way though!!! :O !!!!!


Sophia looks beautiful.Congratulation


I think Sofia Vergara's look is nice and fresh. She looks really great every time. Latin woman as always black woman have both remarkable waist and, yes more derriere-


This sofia vergara always has to dress like a hoochie mama...i think she always dresses cheap......she always has to show off her big ass.....i think she looked totally ridiculous, and she has absolute no class in the least....she has a big mouth, and absolute no talent......

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