George Clooney on Release of Demi Moore 911 Call: Stupid!

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The whole online world now knows that Demi Moore was "smoking something" last week, and the act resulted in a "semi-conscious" state that left at least one friend in a panic.

That's because the 911 call placed on behalf of the actress was released to the public, something that's permitted in our justice something and something which befalls most celebrities who end up in the hospital.

But George Clooney doesn't believe this should be the case.

"I think it's a stupid thing," the actor told The Insider. "I think it's stupid for anyone, whether they're celebrated or not, I don't believe their 911 call should be broadcast around the world, but that's my opinion. What's happening and what people have to remember is that people are getting famous from Facebook and Twitter, so it's not just about people here, it's about everybody. There won't be any version of privacy. So it's going to be a tricky thing."

It's a tricky subject indeed. Where do you stand on it? Should 911 calls be made public?


This is not a tricky subject at all. There is no reason at all for 911 calls to ever be made public. Someone's call to emergency services for help is not in the public interest and there is no reason for it to be made public. Due to new agencies playing 911 call tapes as part of their news stories, I will not call 911 no matter what.


Non celebrities have their 911 calls put on the news all the time for people to gawk at. When people call 911 it is usually for a very serious and personal reason. I'm ok with them being played in court, or to be reviewed for quality control, but the public does not need to hear them.


Agreed with @T-Jones


It is my understanding that there was a conflict as to which area 911 Unit was the closest to where Demi was. It appears that at least two
911 Units were disclaiming to be the Unit that worked the particular area where Ms. Moore Needed immediate medical attention.
@ T-Jones,
First Hello to you!!
Without Needing to add to anything that you have already written,
You very well answered the question asked by THG. PEACE!!

Wv peach

I agree. I think this violates HIPAA Law.

T jones

911 calls should be made public if it pertains to the law. Such as, discrimination, murder, etc. But if someone is sick, injured, or have overdosed on something, then no! I think that it is wrong for the media, the medical field, or law enforcers, for example, to exploit the status of the rich and famous like that. Rich and famous people are entitle to their rights to privacy just like anyone else is.

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