Florida Presidential Debate: Ron Paul Edition!

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We counted 21 questions for Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich at last night's GOP debate in Florida, with 12 for Rick Santorum, and a mere eight for Ron Paul.

To a point, we get that this is influenced by results and polling ... but on the flip side, aren't results and polling likely to be based on amount of exposure?

Why not give candidates equal free media exposure at the debates?

It's not like these are fringe guys really. Ron Paul has a strong third and second place finish and polls in double digits everywhere; Santorum won Iowa.

Makes no sense. Fortunately, we came across this highlight reel of Paul's answers from the debate in Tampa. Let's hear it for video editing and YouTube!

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This is all so simple. The Establishment owns the networks there fore they use the networks to heard the sheeple. There is only one way to get around the MSM and that is to plaster the air ways with adds. But that takes a ton of money. I give all I can. I just wish others would do the same. I punched some numbers and it showed that a very small percentage of RP supporters give anything at all. If we want to win we have to get serious and give. Don't sit back and think some one else will do it. It you do that it will not get done.


How can we get the message to Ron Paul to talk all things competitive with Obama. Let Romney and Newt destroy each other. Paul can point out that is what they are doing. The candidates are dirty, so I think it is proper to fight fire with fire. Give the facts, not personal attacks on Romney, Gingrigh, and Santorum. I hear good 'ol rich boy, Donald Trump wants to join race. One bad dude.


Many are asking WHY media consistently ignores Ron Paul (and for that matter Rick). Reason? Dr Paul is not a member of the FRC (Foreign Relations Council, nor is he an "elite" as are many in high places within the Republican & Democrat parties. It is clear that they want O's Republican opponent to be Gingrich. He, like Perry, rose very rapidly from low poll numbers. Gingrich IS a member of the FRC. Their mandate is One World govt. To understand more see the clips on you tube The Real Newt Gingrich. Part 2 will give a shorter overview. A quick Search for more info on the FRC and review on the book "Creature from Jekyll Island" will give anyone a good idea of what is happening and why. Perhaps it will take ALL the youth who are behind Ron Paul now, to make the changes in the future when their numbers higher. It will take MANY GOOD people, who are in a better position, to put back into practice, the following of the Constitution.


I think Ron Paul needs to start showing him self in contrast with Obama if he wants to win. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


Dr. Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who will do what SHOULD be done to ensure a proper path for America and her future. This will require determination on the behalf of supporters. Being marginalized by the mainstream media, its not only an embarrassment for America, it discriminates. Tts foolish for any network not to view Dr Paul as a Serious Presidental candidate,regardless ratings.
Its past time the Status Quo understands their news is a JOKE and people are tired of the BS! Dr Paul has many interesting ideas and many people love his integrity.


Found a good video exposing pretty blatant bias towards Ron Paul from the CNN debate last week. http://youtu.be/4nqVPow-6n0 Still trying to figure out why are people so afraid and hateful towards what he has to say?


Ron Paul will benefit the people, not the military industrial complex, the banking cartel or wall st... That's why the elite controlled media tries to minimize him... Ron Paul 2012


Check out this crowd that was outside the Florida debate. You won't hear about that on the news :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?f....




Definitely, youtube is a good place to go, to search out all things Ron Paul! There are videos going back to the 70s of him, there. just 2