Florida Presidential Debate Highlights: Ron Paul Style!

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Asked at last night's Florida Republican debate if Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich should return money made from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Ron Paul responded:

"That subject really doesn't interest me a whole lot."

The Texas congressman might not be #1 in the polls, but he showed last night that when given a proper forum, he's as substantive as anyone - and funny too.

Asked where he stands on Newt Gingrich's proposal to put a permanent base on the moon by 2020, Paul said, "Well, I don't think we should go to the moon."

"I think we maybe should send some politicians up there."

Paul, who at 76 would be the oldest person ever elected President of the United States also drew cheers in his response to a question about his medical records.

Noting that his records are "about one page, if even that long," Paul challenged his cohorts to "a 25-mile bike ride, any time, any day in the heat of Texas."

But, you know, there are laws against age discrimination, so if you push this too much, you better be careful," he quipped, and he wasn't done by a long shot.

Asked by CNN moderator Wolf Blitzer what he would say if Raul Castro called him in the Oval Office, Paul said, "Well, I'd ask what he called about, you know?"

Which isn't to say Paul's wit was his only asset. He routinely scored points with his strong responses, especially regarding monetary policy and civil liberties.

Florida's primary is Tuesday, January 31.


Ron Paul getting more on point with each debate! I've watched so many of his speechs in Congress, and he's starting finally hit his marks. He's written down so many if these ideas over the years, it's great to see him finally tapping into the core of what's wrong with America and articulating it clearly for the American voters. Ron Paul 2012 - "Speak Truth to Power"


As a libertarian, I am not planning on voting for a republican. However, if Ron Paul were the republican candidate, I would vote for him.


Why ignore the best candidate up there dr ron paul? More people should listen to him. He is the only one that makes sense and is honest and consistent. So silly to focus on candidates that are not electable.i wish people would wake up and see that only real candidate who can beat president obama is dr ron pau. Its ashame that the media gives such an intelligent man so little attention and focuses all is time with candidates that are so out of touch with the majority of people. vote for change and someone we can all relate to dr ron paul. Melissa


This is excellent! Thank you for posting!


Ron Paul was the only candidate who showed up on that stage last night. Glad yo see that the people's choice, finally got some air time.


Nice! Glad to read an analysis of the debate that doesn't ignore that Gingrich and Romney weren't the only two there.

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