Florida Presidential Debate Highlights: Ron Paul Style!

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Asked at last night's Florida Republican debate if Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich should return money made from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Ron Paul responded:

"That subject really doesn't interest me a whole lot."

The Texas congressman might not be #1 in the polls, but he showed last night that when given a proper forum, he's as substantive as anyone - and funny too.

Asked where he stands on Newt Gingrich's proposal to put a permanent base on the moon by 2020, Paul said, "Well, I don't think we should go to the moon."

"I think we maybe should send some politicians up there."

Paul, who at 76 would be the oldest person ever elected President of the United States also drew cheers in his response to a question about his medical records.

Noting that his records are "about one page, if even that long," Paul challenged his cohorts to "a 25-mile bike ride, any time, any day in the heat of Texas."

But, you know, there are laws against age discrimination, so if you push this too much, you better be careful," he quipped, and he wasn't done by a long shot.

Asked by CNN moderator Wolf Blitzer what he would say if Raul Castro called him in the Oval Office, Paul said, "Well, I'd ask what he called about, you know?"

Which isn't to say Paul's wit was his only asset. He routinely scored points with his strong responses, especially regarding monetary policy and civil liberties.

Florida's primary is Tuesday, January 31.


*clap, clap*Thanks, again for the visit and taking the time out in your busy slheduce to leave such a longwinded response! My unread blog appreciates it!Glad you saw fit to insult, where insults were called for. Tells me I pushed the right buttons. I'm done debating with Paul Reverists, now that they are largely irrelevant in this Election. You can read my comments and posts . Some are unserious, like this one; others, I do take the time out for some respectful debate.I ask again - what does paulville cost you? Nothing?Well shouldn't you STFU, then?You won't - but you *really* should.lol. Does it upset you that a nothing blogger like me has the freedom to point and laugh at your fellow Ronulans? Do you lose sleep over it? Do you feel a special calling, paulicing the internet for those who ridicule your Constitutional Messiah? Are you making a difference?Well good for you, then. More power to you! Keep up the good fight!


Ron Paul needs to run as an independent when this is all over, He could win, I know the media keeps pushing him out of this race. But I say hang in there. I love him RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Funny- It is now obvious how the MSM works it's magic. Only now the "lighter" publications are starting to report that Paul's scorecard is pretty high on debates. The big media do not want this guy to be elected- he would change everything that is "business as usual" and wrong with our policies. The best way to do that? slam him through covert media tactics. I am glad I am finally reading some articles that talk about his stronger attributes.


Hello all thinking American's
The more you research Dr.Ron Pauls record,The more you know he has out interests at heart his record proves it. He votes in line with the CONSTITUTION Even if is him alone. Newt would make a new one.
I link from a general for Dr.Paul http://video.foxbusiness.com/v... Also a link from the CIA Bin laden team. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... These links tell you he is right on foreign policy.
If any one is interested in contacting me for more great stuff for the great one Dr.Ron Paul.
Vote with you Brain People.


Let me tell you all a little secret. The republicans will nominate a neocon and Barrack Obama will be re-elected. You get the government that you deserve, and i fear for the future.


It seemed to me that while rick was throwing blows at newt and mitt (who were pointing fingers at each other as if to say "he's worse than I am!") ron seemed to answer the question's with intelligent personal beliefs and opinions. Of course i enjoyed his humor too. It sweetened the bitter taste left from the others. Many times throughout the debate the other candidates tried to expand on what ron paul said, often outright agreeing with him.


I'm a legal immigrant who has observed politicians in my crooked country deliver promise after promise only to later bloom into 'white elephants'. It is really difficult to come across a person who is not interested in being a 'politician' but rather a people's person. How hard is it to distinguish between a fox & a sheep? Dr Paul is our key to fix this, our country!!!


This is why he get's my vote. Only person who can stand on his own two feet and win. I can't believe anyone considers any of those other guys "electable". Younger and more pliable perhaps.. Is that a requirement for becoming the President these days?




Ron Paul is brilliant!!!! I love this man! He's a principle man, a man of steel. He won't twist nor will he bend to please a select few, he knows what he's talking about, he has real answers to real problems, he's focused & strong. Ron Paul 2012

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