Emily Maynard is The Bachelorette: Confirmed!

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It looks like America's sweetheart is going back to the franchise that made her a quasi-star. Emily Maynard will be the star of The Bachelorette, according to reports!

"It's official, Emily is the new Bachelorette," an insider close to Emily tells Life & Style, which is not really official at all, but still. It's been reported previously as well.

Moreover, to accommodate Maynard, "ABC is even going to move filming to Charlotte [North Carolina, Emily's hometown]. It won't be in Los Angeles at all."

The Bride to Be

It's been reported that ABC asked her to star in the next season of the series, despite her reluctance in early discussions, in large part based on her daughter.

She had fans convinced she wasn't interested. Just last summer Emily Maynard wrote: "I don't want to be The Bachelorette." Perhaps she changed her mind?

Since ending her engagement with that stiff Brad Womack in May, the North Carolina stunner has been linked to Jeremy Shockey and Matt Nordgren.

She's denied dating both ... and has yet to confirm or deny that she's going back on The Bachelorette this time. Stay tuned for an official confirmation. Probably.

UPDATE: People and other more reliable sources have now confirmed that Maynard signed on! Surprising, but a good fit for the show, we have to say ... right?

UPDATE #2: Bentley Williams, who famously burned Ashley Hebert on her season of The Bachelorette by wooing her while admitting to cameras that he had hoped Emily was The Bachelorette instead, is interested in competing, according to People.

You tell us: Emily Maynard as The Bachelorette?


I am happy fore Emily. Of course there are nasty little b*tch remarks here about her ! She's so beautiful and sweet most women would be HIGHLY JEALOUS of her !!! Good luck Emily. I saw you as a serious woman who cared deeply about her daughter and realizes the ramifications of life. I thought you were trying to go with your head as much as your heart because you never forgot your daughter. The tragedy you lived through is something a lot of small-minded nasty women can't fathom. Don't let the jerks get you down.


With all the single women in the world, why do they have to recycle yet another loser from a past series. What's wrong with these reality programs...they keep recycling the same boring people over and over? Does anyone still watch this garbage? This woman was such a sad sack; who wants to sit through another season of her? Not me. No thanks!

Kellie m

I'll believe it when it is announced by ABC.


well, damn. I guess I won't be watching.
I kinda thought Emily was very phony and self-absorbed.
and she always seemed so infatuated ~
with herself.


Not interested in watching Emily. Rather not hear her sob story that she milked out for most of Brad's 2nd season again even though production has moved to South Carolina to accomodate her. Rather watch someone new.


They sholuld chose a total new face every new season. Emily has baggage and I will guarantee that whoever she picks on her season she will NOT end up with...

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