Emily Maynard is The Bachelorette: Confirmed!

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It looks like America's sweetheart is going back to the franchise that made her a quasi-star. Emily Maynard will be the star of The Bachelorette, according to reports!

"It's official, Emily is the new Bachelorette," an insider close to Emily tells Life & Style, which is not really official at all, but still. It's been reported previously as well.

Moreover, to accommodate Maynard, "ABC is even going to move filming to Charlotte [North Carolina, Emily's hometown]. It won't be in Los Angeles at all."

The Bride to Be

It's been reported that ABC asked her to star in the next season of the series, despite her reluctance in early discussions, in large part based on her daughter.

She had fans convinced she wasn't interested. Just last summer Emily Maynard wrote: "I don't want to be The Bachelorette." Perhaps she changed her mind?

Since ending her engagement with that stiff Brad Womack in May, the North Carolina stunner has been linked to Jeremy Shockey and Matt Nordgren.

She's denied dating both ... and has yet to confirm or deny that she's going back on The Bachelorette this time. Stay tuned for an official confirmation. Probably.

UPDATE: People and other more reliable sources have now confirmed that Maynard signed on! Surprising, but a good fit for the show, we have to say ... right?

UPDATE #2: Bentley Williams, who famously burned Ashley Hebert on her season of The Bachelorette by wooing her while admitting to cameras that he had hoped Emily was The Bachelorette instead, is interested in competing, according to People.

You tell us: Emily Maynard as The Bachelorette?


Hi anyhow i feel az though that she should be their only if he wants her but of course ben said he wanted to be with her since feb2011 anyhow when i chose thiz dominican baller game i told him i luv the way he treats me but if he wants me :O so anyhow we started datin anyhow i feel az though az long az hes protectn providn and shes wifey :) then i would be nice anyhow wit me i dnt sing dance or act but love bein doin hously things so :) i say if hes wants her ... when game asked me i said i do so:O imwifey!


Hi my name is quadasha aka imani woods and im pleased to say i feel az in a relationship a mans protectin and finacially and emotionally iz very important uh u ask me i dnt kw i have my best friend mercy we date dominicans but anyhow i feel az though az long az he loves her in that way then i feel az though she should stay anyhow ben wanted her and choze her to be wifey so i feel az though thats on him he wantn her since feb 2011 anyhow :) az long az he wants her n hes providn and protectn bein consistant!)


Emily,didn't fit in the cabals for bachellorette she justwant to make a second round of full of hersef. This is will be boring watching.


Wow, what a bunch of narrow-minded air head people you don't have to watch the show if you don't want to, that's why they call that little gadget with numbers a remote control, use it.but for the looks of it the ones with negative comments are still gonna be watching the show otherwise they would not have anything to say about it.


I really like the idea of Emily as the Bachelorette; she might be a low-key type of girl, but she is a true Southern Belle. I'd be interested to see what type of guy she would select. I do agree that she should have told Brad that she would not move to his hometown; that should have been discussed and confirmed before he made his selection. I never did really understand that relationship. I say, "give her a chance; let's see if she can come out in her personality and be a fun-loving person."


I liked her before and thinks shes adorable. Anyone who doesn't like her is probably envious of her beauty and charm. And more importantly she seems like a great mother. Good Luck Emily. Hope you find love.


Good reason now to stop watching these stupid insipid shows. Emily is about as exciting as watching grass grow. Doubt if she even looks good in a bikini from what she looked like from the Brad show.
Watching it would be fun just to see her make a fool of herself and having the men begging to be voted off. Such a devoted mommy but who will look after the little one?
I don't trust the show because they know Emily will fail and the public will watch and comment and poor Emily will be the laughing stock for a very long time.


Ok WOW I dont think anyone is jealous of Emily. Yes she is proper and yes she is pretty. But she is boring, I dont want to watch someone who yells, fights screams etc. It is just Emily acted so in love with Brad...and then acts the Prude and dumps him, she had to know what she was going into in this show. get real. i dont think someone who gets picked and then dumps that guy should get another chance to pick someone else that she may dump and probably will dump because she is a prude.. I could see picking a girl that did not get picked and wanted to or a whole new girl would be better . Watching Emily will be soooo BORING. wont watch it.


I agree with a lot of people that this Emily chic was nothing but a big phony....all she did was talk about her kid and the bad experiences she had in life.....NEWS FLASH lOTS OF PEOPLE HAVE GONE THRU WORSE HONEY.....I CAN'T SEE HER AS THE NEXT BACHLORETTE...SHE WAS WAAAAAAAAAAY TO BORING AND PHONY....GOOD TO LOOK AT, BUT SUCH A BORE....TRULY, PUT SOMEONE NEW ON THESE SHOWS, INSTEAD OF THE SAME OLD REJECTS FROM PAST SHOWS.....WON'T WATCH, IF IT'S TRUE ABOUT HER........ENOUGH ALREADY.....


One more thing---all you b*tches are flat out lying about Emily. She, unlike the other women on that show, never threw herself at Brad like a desperate slut and was never "into" herself {it's called grieving for all you morons without a clue}, and she always conducted herself in a sweet,ladylike and intelligent way. I was impressed with her. No cattiness,no bad attitudes,no slutty behavior.....no wonder the other posters here can't identify with Emily !!! She seems to have no bad personality traits. And I'm sure you are not the first who are so damned jealous of her.

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