Emily Maynard as The Bachelorette: Fan? Not a Fan?

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As we reported Wednesday, Emily Maynard, the North Carolina single mother who Brad Womack proposed to last year on The Bachelor, will be the next Bachelorette.

People, which first confirmed the news, says production will reportedly move to Charlotte, N.C., so Maynard doesn’t have to be away from six-year-old daughter Ricki.

The back story is familiar by now: Ricki’s father, NASCAR star Ricky Hendrick, was killed in a plane crash in 2004, right before fiancee Emily learned she was pregnant.

Maynard, E.

We have mixed feelings about Emily Maynard's casting.

Watching Ashley Hebert as The Bachelorette proved, sadly in Ashley's case, that plenty of men would gladly bend over backwards to compete for ... Emily.

For good reason. She's sweet, fun, polite, gorgeous, prioritizes being a mom. Other girls on The Bachelor even said her only fault was that she had none.

Emily Maynard was even concerned about the example she’d set on The Bachelor, making clear she only went in the Fantasy Suite to talk to Brad more.

Therein lies the problem at the same time, though.

When The Bachelorette has a kid - one who never knew her dad and who witnessed Emily and Brad split, no less - can the little girl, and fans, respect her?

Moreover, can producers refrain, at least somewhat, from oversexualizing her, not to mention setting her up for frustration and humiliation, Bentley style?

It'll be interesting to see. What do you think? Is Emily a good choice?


Emily is not naive that is a put on. She knows what she wants that is control. That is why she broke up with Brad everything was to be on her terms!


She was engaged and pregnant at 17, she is an opportunistic pretty face with no education and no positive role model traits; unless getting knocked up at 17 or 18 by a rich guy is your idea of a positive role model.


Oh Please!! I, along with many others, will not be watching this season of the Bachelorette(Emily). I am a mom too, and I love my Children more than anything on this earth. Give me a break, if she was really concerned about being a good example, she would not be thinking twice about doing this show! I really liked Emily on the Bachelor and thought that she was true and genuine, but now I see what she is really out for...ATTENTION! I feel sorry for her daughter! She acted like she was concerned about introducing her daughter to one guy...now she will be dating 25 guys at the same time, on National television!!!
GET REAL EMILY!!! YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ME FOR A MINUTE!! We already saw you "supposedly" fall in love with brad. REALLY ABC?? There was no one else you could pick? Your ratings will say it all. Your show has become a joke...GOOD LUCK!!


I'll be boycotting The Bacheloette with Emily this season! Reason 1: She already won and then dumped Brad who was very much in love with her, 2: It was difficult on her and her daughter the first time around, 3: Was jealous of the other women Brad paid attention to on The Bachelor and now she'll be doing the same thing to someone else and 4: I find her words and actions hypocritical! Sorry ABC, but my whole family won't be watching this one!


First off, Emily Maynard is not spoiled, nor is she self-centered. She is probably the most unselfish, generous, and altruistic person that has ever been on this show. Emily is setting a great example for her daughter because she is trying to love again, and is ready to make sacrifices in her life to get her happy ending. Yes, she did have a baby at a young age, but that shouldn't define what a type of person she is or the examples she is trying to set. Emily is a brave and confident woman that just wants to find love again, and pursue her feelings. She is a great person that deserves a fairy tale ending. On the other hand, I do wish that someone else from Ben Flajnik's would have been the next bachelorette. Like KACIE BOGUSKIE! My personal favorite from his season! I wish she would have had her happy ending with Ben, but there are better men out there for her.. Good Luck Em!:)


I agree wrong choice, lost my vote on this show


I can't believe that they are bringing back Emily, it is totally the wrong person for this show She is too naive and after everything that I've read about her, I really don't believe that she's ready to find love. They will be losing a lot of audience, they should be able to find someone who hasn't been on a previous show. How about having real women on, ones that aren't a size 2?


I agree with most everybody, can't believe ABC to consider bringing back Emily. This is all for show, as she has it made having the Grandchild of the Hendrick's of NASCAR. Why would she ever give all that up. Her age living the way she does. No way will I watch this season. She has no intentions of actually finding a guy. Can't believe ABC couldn't find someone else and it is getting old that they bring back people from other seasons. It's okay for Bachelor Pad but this is just ridiculous.


**good** not bad. How many other moms are in the spotlight? Are you criticizing them too? Or just her because she literally has it all, except the one thing she hopes to gain from this show?


Wow you ppl are a bunch of critical jerks. Jealousy looks bad on no one.

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