Elin Nordegren Demolishes Mansion

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Elin Nordegren, the former wife of Tiger Woods, bought an INSANE mansion in North Palm Beach, Fla., for $12.3 million last year. That piece is now straight up bulldozed.

She is building a new palace on the lot as we speak.

Elin is living in the San Remo condominiums, an oceanfront development in nearby Juno Beach, while her new home is being built, according to local officials.

Elin Nordegren Mansion

Palm Beach County issued the demolition permit for the 17,000-SF, circa 1932 property on December 16 and it is active until June 17, official records show.

The 77-acre development is among the top five most exclusive communities in Palm Beach County, according to real estate agents with knowledge of the area.

A listing for a house on the same street as Elin Nordegren has an asking price of $18.9 million. One can only imagine what her new home is going to be worth.

She won't need a Florida mortgage to finance it, though. Elin, who divorced Tiger in 2010 following his string of infidelities, is now worth $100 million-plus.

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@tainted4life, nice racial slur you used, is that the best you can do? Must be easy hiding behind a keyboard and a monitor when making statements like that.... Oh, and they ones taking jabs about children starving and homeless. Do you now how much she donates to Charities? What needs to happen is for people to LEARN HOW NOT TO PROCREATE when they cannot not suport the life they created. Don't blame others for your mistakes.... in another words people should keep it in their pants!


The previous house was built in 1932. Sometimes keeping up an older home can cost a lot of money. Building a newer home will be more efficient. Go Elin!


She is so rich , she tears down a house , wastes lumber, and everything else . Then builds a new one on the same lot . She must
be totaly nuts .


oh well, some build a house in a city, some close to the ocean, if she did not like the old house and has the cash, she has the right to destroy and rebuild what she desires, as long as I don't have to live in it... not my kind of place.


She married a stupid shytskyn..all they do is lie,cheat and steal..what'd expect ya dumb white girl? I think she regrets she even copulated with or married the d'bag.Now she has to raise a child that doesn't even resemble her...sad.


This is actually trickle down economics at work for once. What she is doing is pointless and wasteful but she is providing work for many people at a tough time.


that's a damned shame children living in the streets and not knowing where there next meal will come from the line between poverty and the wealthy is growing by leaps and bounds and we find it all entertaining when will we learn when the riots in the streets happen


This is disgusting. While children starve and people are homeless. She should be ashamed.


when u hav money thats wat u do

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