Beyonce, Jay-Z Bring Home Baby Blue

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Adoring new parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z have taken baby daughter Blue Ivy Carter home from New York City's Lenox Hill Hospital, the medical center has confirmed.

The family left under cover of darkness at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Observers noted a procession of vehicles with blacked-out windows leaving from the hospital’s side gate in the middle of the night, according to the N.Y. Daily News.

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The ecstatic couple's 7-lb daughter was born late Saturday in the Big Apple. They called the birth "emotional and extremely peaceful," adding, "we are in heaven."

Jay even wrote a song about Blue.

"It was the best experience of both of our lives," Beyoncé and Jay-Z said. "We are thankful to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, love and support."

Beyonce gave birth after the superstar couple reportedly arranged major security measures that were criticized by some others visiting in the hospital.

The couple said in a statement that Blue was delivered naturally, despite reports from some sources that she had a planned c-section. It's a bit of a mystery.



Congratulation Beyonce and JayZ. It is with great accolade that l am proud of you two. l know you will be great parents to Blue Ivy Carter. God Bless!


I'm truly sick of reading about this family. Will we also have 5 days of this when the child first sleeps all night, becomes potty-trained, gets her first tooth? I know this is a thrill for the parents but this coverage is ridiculous. And don't tell me to just ignore it--it keeps cropping up in the Top News category on-line.


Im so happy for u guys and I am a big fan and I wish u and ur family a happy new year and many more god bless


Security @ the hospital. What about the other moms and pops. Inconsiderate fools.


hold on i thought you guys reported that she said she had her natural..which one is it?

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