Eben Franckewitz: The Next Justin Bieber?!?

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When it comes to shaggy hair, supportive parents, a strong voice and a humble attitude, be warned Justin Bieber: you now have competition.

On American Idol's foray into Pittsburgh last night, viewers met Eben Franckewitz, a 15-year old from Milford, Ohio. We were first introduced to him via home video, as the show drove home just how close Eben is to his parents.

He then only needed a few seconds in front of the judges to earn a Golden Ticket for his  rendition of "Ain't No Sunshine," with all agreeing the kid was adorable and Randy Jackson telling him: "You definitely have a God-given gift that is pretty amazing and spot-on."

Also serving notice in the Steel City? Hallie Day. The 24-yar old waitress means singing business.

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Eben i love you sooooo much i think i am Defiantly your number one fan! I used to be in love with justin bieber and now ever since i heard you audition i loved you and i want you to know you are soo amazing at singing no matter what people say:) they are probably just jealous!!! Well i hope you read this!


Eben is an amazing singer!! If you like Eben, just keep on rooting for him, and DONT let anyone tell you otherwise! He has sooo much talent! He's so nice, funny, and cute! If you're a fan of eben- VOTE FOR HIM ON AMERICAN IDOL!! i know I will be!


ok so i have seen a few comments talking about how Eben has no talent but you know what.. most of the people who say that are jealous because he is one of the most talented people on there plus hes cute.. people are such jerks these days and im freaking sick of it.. i wish people would grow the freak up and realize that they are freaking insane!!


Eben is like Charlie Green of the Bristish Got Talent also.


okay thais guy has no talent. he goes to my highschool, milford highschool in milford ohio. he has a girlfriend. grow the fuck up. theirs alot more talent in the competiton. he has a weak voice and is a weak link. he wont even make it to the top ten


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Eben is super hot im voting for him all the way!and yes he will absolutely be the next justin bieber all the way to the top of the charts!!!!!!!!!!!!i love you eben dont give up you and phillip along with reed are really gonna fight hard to win this.but im counting on you and noone else and i dont care if you have a girlfriend i still have dreams right.your lover Rachel:)
P.S you need to put up a concert in alabama hazel green!luv ya hope u read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just to let you know. Eben has a girlfriend. Her name is sydney. So don't get your hopes up.


Hes such a great singer!!!!! And my age :) And sooo cute!! Its awesome how he is so young and blows away all the others!!


Eben is AHMAZING!!!! I'm totally marrying him! And he's my age! Ha! I even have a fan page on facebook for him it's called Eben Franckewitz from American Idol. LIKE IT!!!:)


brook u are wrong. eben is a much better version of bieber. eben is the real deal. bieber puts on that "i'm white but gonna act like a brutha to make me look cool" shit and it is annoying. his xmas cd was horrible. eben is much more natural. bieber's time has come and gone.

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