Eben Franckewitz: The Next Justin Bieber?!?

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When it comes to shaggy hair, supportive parents, a strong voice and a humble attitude, be warned Justin Bieber: you now have competition.

On American Idol's foray into Pittsburgh last night, viewers met Eben Franckewitz, a 15-year old from Milford, Ohio. We were first introduced to him via home video, as the show drove home just how close Eben is to his parents.

He then only needed a few seconds in front of the judges to earn a Golden Ticket for his  rendition of "Ain't No Sunshine," with all agreeing the kid was adorable and Randy Jackson telling him: "You definitely have a God-given gift that is pretty amazing and spot-on."

Also serving notice in the Steel City? Hallie Day. The 24-yar old waitress means singing business.

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he's amazing and he will be more famous than justin bieber:)


I LOVE EBEN!!! HES ADORABLE AND SOOOO TALENTED! and no i dont think he will be the next justin bieber, because he will be the next Eben Franckewitz! Dont get me wrong, the Biebs makes AWESOME music, but i think Eben will find his own style and maybe end as successful as Justin! :)


I love Eben he's the cutiest and the hottest boy on earth I do love him and I say hes hotter then my bf.


Just want him to be famous already!!! But I guess judging by the response from all the fans he already is! Record contract or not everybody I know thinks American Idol made a huge mistake letting him go and they'll be sorry!!!


Eben is the best there is!!!!!!!!!!!




Still can't stop thinking about Eben!!! and his amazing voice!!!




well, EBEN is kinda co0l.. you can admit, he's humble and a go0d kid..
he's sort of my id0l..!!! EBEN FRANCKEWITZ ROCKS!!!


Eben ! I love you more than anyone else !!!!! You are a star in my heart !!! Love you

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