Demi Moore Hospitalized For Substance Abuse; In Treatment For Exhaustion, "Overall Health"

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Demi Moore was hospitalized late Monday.

The issue is reportedly substance abuse. Law enforcement sources say a 911 call was placed at 10:45 p.m. Monday night, with paramedics responding to Demi's L.A. home.

After being assessed for a half hour, Demi Moore was transported to a local hospital. The 49-year-old is being placed in a facility to "seek further professional assistance."

It's unclear what substance(s) the alleged abuse, reported by TMZ, involved.

Pic of Demi Moore

Despite the substance abuse claims, Demi's rep says of his client: "Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health.

"She looks forward to getting well and is grateful for the support of family and friends."

According to E! News, a female friend was at Moore's home when the actress started "shaking" and otherwise "acting like she was suffering from a seizure."

Sources who saw Moore as recently as last week say the actress has been looking increasingly thin, and friends have grown concerned about her weight.

Demi split from her husband Ashton Kutcher in November. The Two and a Half Men star is currently in Brazil for a shoot with Brazilian fashion brand Colcci.

Moore's rep confirmed that the star has dropped out of the Linda Lovelace biopic Lovelace, in which she had been cast as feminist icon Gloria Steinem.

We wish her only the best in her recovery.



Laura - marriages are partnerships. Maybe a little introspection might be good - and if you're sure it's all -his- fault, then cut bait and move on for your own sake. But don't wallow. It's non-productive.


50 years old, doing drugs like she's a teenager. Plz.


It's not Aston's fault nor is it anyone's. Life is uncertain. Did u expect Ashton to forever be the man that everyone sees? It's not fair to blame someone who does not love themselves enough to cause such pain and agony on another. There is an ocean of emotion and truth, and pain, here. Don't judge and easier said than done, but this is nothing personal to Demi to either of the parties. Que serra serra...


Aww, boo f'n hoo. It's a 17 year age spread, right? What did you all expect was going to happen there? All this false empathy and concern - bullshít. For all you know Demi is just as big a 'tool' as he is. Substance abuse... harr. It's always substance abuse. Sure. Like she just picked up the habit yesterday.


Hang in there Laura, be strong


Hang in there's a new blessed. Jer29:11


all the stress and sadness must have played some role in this right? get well soon demi


He is a tool and Demi he is not worth it...the chickens do come home to roost.


Bruce might do in a pinch... ~~~ rriiiiinng!~~~


I find this whole situation sad. I am separated from my husband. He decided one day to never come home from work. Then two weeks later i find him in my favorite restaurant with his lover, while I was out with OUR family. Its going to be a month and I have lost 45 pounds due to stress. It's easy for people to assume the worst but they seem to forget how traumatic an affair and a divorce can be alla together and the toll it takes on a person. Especially when you thought everything was fine and then have it taken away under your feet without any signs. Thank God, God has been by my side to help me get through this and I am sure God will help her get through this difficult time for her.Keep your head up girl. Remember you didn't do this, he did it to you, your family and himself.

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