Demi Moore Hospitalized For Substance Abuse; In Treatment For Exhaustion, "Overall Health"

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Demi Moore was hospitalized late Monday.

The issue is reportedly substance abuse. Law enforcement sources say a 911 call was placed at 10:45 p.m. Monday night, with paramedics responding to Demi's L.A. home.

After being assessed for a half hour, Demi Moore was transported to a local hospital. The 49-year-old is being placed in a facility to "seek further professional assistance."

It's unclear what substance(s) the alleged abuse, reported by TMZ, involved.

Pic of Demi Moore

Despite the substance abuse claims, Demi's rep says of his client: "Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health.

"She looks forward to getting well and is grateful for the support of family and friends."

According to E! News, a female friend was at Moore's home when the actress started "shaking" and otherwise "acting like she was suffering from a seizure."

Sources who saw Moore as recently as last week say the actress has been looking increasingly thin, and friends have grown concerned about her weight.

Demi split from her husband Ashton Kutcher in November. The Two and a Half Men star is currently in Brazil for a shoot with Brazilian fashion brand Colcci.

Moore's rep confirmed that the star has dropped out of the Linda Lovelace biopic Lovelace, in which she had been cast as feminist icon Gloria Steinem.

We wish her only the best in her recovery.



yeah, its stress...ok...most people don't go to rehab for 'stress'..she's probably always been on drugs..anyway, what did she really expect..there was the age difference, her ex always up their ass, like it was a 3 way marriage, he had stop daughters almost his age, and there is the fact that she is a self absorbed bitch who's career never quite panned out like she hoped..not to mention its was a hollywood marriage..need I say more ? and the person that said ashton needs to get back and be by her side..well, she filed for divorce from him, so his commitment is over as far as I see it..


So...maybe she just fell in love n got married, like people do, and now that the person she loves cheated n humiliated n left her...she is brokenhearted. They appeared fabulously happy for many years. Maybe, like any human still able to feel emotion, she is hurting. She took a chance on love. looked very problematic from a distance...but it probably felt great at the time.


This is sad, I hope she gets better. Its so interesting when a celebrity is facing life's little let downs, everyone blames the problem. Divorce, stress and age differences don't have a thing to do with it. Personal choice is what it is. If every person stressed by bad relationships started using drugs and alcohol to solve the problem this world would be truly in the gutter.


@ Savvy -- your words stung me a little but you are right. I was and still am Naive. However, therapy is helping me see things that I didn't want or wouldn't see. It may not all be all at once but I'm realizing that I had put him in a pedestal and that i always scraficed or compromised myself for him. Yes, marriage is a partnership but im realizing that in reality I was doing all the work. As much as your words stung me a little, your words had truth in them and whomever is your friend is lucky to have you. Thank you! I have to go now and make breakfast :)


Be EnCouraged DEMI!! :)))


Laura, we all love you sweetie and want the best for you, but you strike me as tremendously naive. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY you can convince me that there were "no signs." There's A LOT there, friend, and you clearly have not scratched the surface. Your husband sounds like an idiot for sure, but I am not sure you have much insight either. This is what RadicalRat was hinting at, more tactfully than me of course.


Divorce is always stressful. It was inevitable withe the age difference between husband and wife. Properly prescribed drugs can help calm and temporarily ease emotional stress, but abuse and continuing them is not the answer. I wish Demi and Ashton all the best. They are only human.


@ Laura I get ur point on not being quick to judge people. It doesn't matter if they r celebrities in da end they r people and we don't really know how hard their personal life is. I don't think shez on drugs but depressed. Btw props to u momma for being the bigger person.


Thank you everyone for your well wishes. Its hard for me, but my children will continue to be first. If I wallow and let depression bury me alive, I wont be able to be there for my children. I have been seeking therapy and so have my children to understand why daddy never came home. I can be bitter and bash him but I rather take the high rode and focus in bettering myself and my family. God is just and the Lord is my helper.


"Exhausttion" is not a diagnosis. No one ever gets admitted for "exhaustion." That's celebrity code for drugs or won't say, but want to look really busy

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