Demi Moore 911 Call: This is an Emergency...

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The 911 call made by a friend on behalf of Demi Moore this week has been released.

In it, a panicked woman grows frustrated with operators at the outset because there's confusion over which department will be sending the ambulance.

This is an emergency, the caller insists, going on to say Moore "smoked something similar to incense" and adding that she's "having convulsions of some sort."

The friend also describes Demi as "semi-conscious" and, at one point, says she's been experiencing "issues lately with some other stuff." Portions of the call have been redacted for medical/privacy reasons, but take a listen now:

A new report states that Moore has been addicted to Red Bull for years, though clearly that energy drink isn't the blame for this incident.

The 911 call, instead, lends credence to the nitrous oxide theory.


Now days emergencies help lines are gone to the dog. Other than Moore soo many other people had a problem with 911. So many had died because of their careless cautions. And they should other pull up their socks or get new staff!


It does not matter how much money you have or how old you are. YOU do not know what goes on behind closed doors. She has been through alot. Do you honestly want to judge how a person deals with loss? Wake up people no matter how rich and beautiful she is she is still in a great deal of pain and I will be praying for her to have the strength to get through this. You can do it Demi....


When you call 9-1-1, it should be directed to your location. That was just bullshit. And Demi.. grow the hell up! You're not a child. Act your age, not your shoe size.. doesn't this bitch have a kid?? I don't follow. And of course I do not feel bad for her. But the rest of this world probably does. Which is stupid. There are more important things happening in this world, but one famous bitch does something stupid*, and oh lord, we have to freak out. Get lives, people.


If a friend was calling from Demi's house from their personal cell phone it is not going to show Demi's address when they called 911. Which is probably why they needed to ask for the address.


WOW i couldnt even listen to it all ... one of the WORSE 911 calls ever ..... i cant believe 911 a person needs help and we just sit there and make phone calls to see who to SEND! get real.. and THEN whe he decides to act and ask questions he needs THEIR to busy giving the phone to every body else to awnser them ... thank goodness shes ok becuase it could have gone south on that . P.s one time i called then I personally got a BUSY SIGNAL !


Grow up Demi


Wow I had heard enough before they even started the call. What is wrong with these 911 operators, they can send an officer straight to your home if someone hangs up on a 911 call. They take forever just getting the address and then the right department, something has to be done, your call should be routed directly to the right department. They waste to much time someone is going to die before they get the ambulance there.


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